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Bagni San Filippo

Bagni San Filippo is a beautiful hot spring in the forests of Tuscany and is among the insider tips of Siena region, far away from mass tourism. During a visit you will be amazed by the hot sulfur springs, which bubble directly from the earth into the midst of untouched nature. Of particular interest here are the white limestone deposits, which have created impressive rock formations and cascades over the millennia. With really pleasant water temperatures of about 25 °C you can have a wonderful swim in the river of Bagni San Filippo and enjoy a unique atmosphere in the forest.

The thermal springs are considered to have a healing effect due to the large quantity of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur and sulfate. Bathing in the river is healthy especially for the joints and the bones, but also for the skin and the respiratory organs. The thermal pools are free of charge but for those who would like to have treatments should visit the spa hotel located in the village. For an entrance fee of about 10 euros you can bathe and relax in the pools. In addition, curative massages, wraps and treatments are offered.

Balena Bianca of Bagni San Filippo

The so-called “White Whale” (Balena Bianca in Italian) is the gigantic limestone mound formed over the centuries. Most of the thermal water comes out from it. This white color and its dimensions are majestic. You will find numerous pools and spring on the Balena Bianca itself. The water that comes out is particularly hot.

Fosso Bianco

The “Fosso Bianco”, on the other hand, is the name that the local inhabitants have given to the part of the river where the thermal water comes out. In fact, the limestone and sulphurous water makes the vegetation and the surrounding rocks white. Do not hesitate to go beyond the Balena Bianca, even after you can find beautiful thermal baths.

The street where to park the car is called: Via Fosso Bianco. Just park along the small forest, (it is not a free car park)
Go down the paved road until you arrive in front of the “La Cascata bar”. In front of the bar you will find the sign for “Fosso Bianco”. Continue along the path in the wood and follow the river towards the valley until you see hot water vapor. You can’t go wrong, the water gives off a sulfur smell that can be felt even when driving on the road… just follow the smell!

Bagni San Filippo "The white wale" SP61, 4, 53023 Bagni San Filippo SI, Italy


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