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Perfect Italian Weekend

A Perfect Italian weekend - Todi

perfect weekend in Italy without the limitations of time, budget, or distance. Every week we ask interesting and inspirational Italians, and Italians at heart, to take us along for a perfect, local weekend.

This week we'll dive into the world of ceramic artist Annemieke Boots in Todi, Umbria. Her studio, nestled in the heart of Italy's scenic countryside, is like a magical workshop where inspiration from nature, city life, and a mix of influences comes together to bring her stunning creations to life. Come along to discover what a perfect weekend looks like as a ceramic artist in Todi. 


Annemieke kicks off her mornings on her racing bike, enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains and hills. If the weather allows, she cools down with a swim in the pool, setting the tone for a slow morning and taking the time to enjoy breakfast. After she fuelled up: Annemieke spends some quality time with Giotto, the cute puppy, taking a peaceful walk. 

Saturdays in Todi are vibrant with the lively spirit of the Italian community. There's always a buzz of activity—neighbors tending to their homes, chatting while hanging laundry, and fostering connections. We gather in the "Orto," the beloved vegetable garden, sharing moments of joy and sourcing fresh ingredients for homemade Italian meals. Coffee breaks seamlessly transform into communal meals, especially during the olive harvest, turning Saturdays into festive feasts that bring the entire community together. That's the enchanting rhythm of Saturdays in an Italian village. Doesn't it sound dreamy?

And even on weekends, Annemieke always makes time for her art. In her cozy studio, she lets inspiration guide her hands, turning simple materials into beautiful creations. It's a testament to her unwavering dedication to creativity that shapes her entire week.


Sundays follow a similar rhythm.  First up is the monthly flea market in Todi. This one is a monthly favourite and the perfect place to find some unique gems. Another perfect Sunday activity is a scenic mountain hike.  Perfect for clearing the mind and finding fresh inspiration.

And the exploration continues with visits to some local gems. Vineria San Fortunato is a hit, and so is the classic Umbrian spot, trattoria da Piero e Silvana. Oh, and don't forget the cozy Zazzera bistrot— A family ran business who produce their  Nove Cento wines. 

Even with all the fun, Annemieke stays true to her craft. Her studio is like her secret creative den where she molds, shapes, and brings clay to life, capturing the essence of her surroundings.

As the sun sets over Todi's picturesque landscape, the day wraps up with a special ritual—an aperitivo on the upstairs terrace. Picture this: local wine, pecorino cheese, and fresh bread, setting the stage for shared stories and laughter. It's a life where art, community, and the beauty of Umbria blend seamlessly. Annemieke Boots, the ceramicist, isn't just finding inspiration in Todi's hills—se's adding her story to the heart of this captivating Italian setting.

Shari Wijnhoud