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A Sicilian wedding

Nestled on the rugged coastline of Sicily, this exquisite destination whispers tales of history, unveils breathtaking landscapes, and offers an exclusive haven for those who seek a wedding that transcends the ordinary. Imagine being transported to an ancient fishing village, surrounded by nature and by the sea. This location, once used for tuna fishing, is today a unique location of its kind. The old fishermen's residences, the administration offices, the tiny chapel and the Palazzina Florio with a pittoresque village bar located within the village.

In the small Sicilian villages of the past it was possible to find only one bar, located in the main square. You can sip a coffee at breakfast or a good glass of Sicilian wine at sunset. Il Caffè will remain open for the duration of your stay offering you a great variety of Sicilian food and drinks.

Elevated Elegance by the Sea

This isn't just a venue; it's a poetic blend of sophistication and rustic charm. This is where the charm of Italian history merges seamlessly with contemporary luxury. In 2004 Steven Steven Soderbergh already discovered the charm of this unique and rustic location and used it in the closing see of Ocean's Twelve. 

Crafting the Wedding Weekend of Your Dreams

Begin with an intimate welcome dinner, set amidst twinkling lights and the gentle lull of the waves. The main event unfolds in the heart of this coastal haven, where an open-air ceremony merges seamlessly into a reception under the stars. Eat sumptuous Sicilian cuisine, prepared with passion and infused with local flavors. Dance the night away against a backdrop of moonlit waves and the echoes of joy. Create a nightclub in the cave which opens right up onto the beach, a very cool wedding vibe!

So, darlings, as the sun dips below the horizon and the stars twinkle with admiration, imagine yourself here—basking in the embrace of history, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones, and beginning a new chapter in your very own fairy tale.


A quick overview

  • A Sicilian Wedding! Elevated Elegance by the Sea
  • Experienced staff, attention to detail
  • Hosts up to 250 guests
  • Indoor capacity: up to 150 guests 
  • Different areas for wedding, cocktails, dinner, reception, party 
  • Location: Nestled on the rugged coastline of Sicily
  • Sleeps: 50 Guests  (recommendation for rooms for the remaining guests very nearby)
  • Available to rent for a min of 3 nights 
  • No curfew, party all night long!
  • Recommendations for wedding planner/photographer/hair&make-up/flowers 



*High season (from 01/06/2024 to 15/09/2024) * | 

Weekend (minimum stay 3 nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) € 62.500

Midweek (min. stay 2 nights and quotation for 2 nights) €32.000


*Medium season (from 01/05/2024 to 31/05/2024 and from 16/09/2024 to 10/13/2024) *

 Weekend (minimum stay 3 nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) €46.875

 Midweek (min. stay 2 nights and quotation for 2 nights) €24.000


*Low season (from 14/10/2024 to 19/12/2024 and from 07/01/2024 to 04/30/2024) *

 Weekend (minimum stay 3 nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) €31.250

 Midweek (min. stay 2 nights and quotation for 2 nights) €18.000


Quotations include the use of the spaces in complete exclusivity and the rental of our residences.

All Food and Beverage services require separate quotations.

They also offer you lunches, brunches, welcome aperitifs and all the side events to your main event. For the latter you can rely on their trusted catering. 



For a more personal quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know the following information: 

  1. Wedding Date 
  2. Number of Guests 
  3. Country of residence 
  4. Would you like a viewing 

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