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6 Simple Ways to Go Green

1. Combat food waste: Use - Refill - Repeat

There is an enormous amount of food waste in the holiday rental business. Guests often have many products that remain at the end of their stay. This obviously needs to be cleaned out before the next guests arrive. However, certain products do not necessarily have to be thrown out; pasta, rice, sugar, flour etc. As an experiment we have created a refill station at Podere Invidia. The idea is that you can use these products and when it runs out you can refill it. This obviously only works when every one participates in this system. We will run a year-long trial and report back next year… hopefully it will have been a success!

2. Environmentally friendly - Refill - Cleaning products

The alarming size and scale of plastic bottle waste; one of the contributors to this problem are the plastic bottles of cleaning products. Luckily this problem is very easily solved by using a refill capsule (which is one of our favorite new products!) Many brands now make refill capsules for bathrooms, kitchens, glass and multi-purpose cleaning products, as well as hand-soap. It is very simple to use, Drop the capsule/refill solution in empty bottle, fill the bottle with water, Shake…. Ready to use! The advantages: Good for the environment, no waste, practical; more cupboard space, no more heavy shopping bags. A win-win situation! A few of our favorite brands : Kinn_living, Raindrop Clean, Ocean Savers

3. Bathroom products: the unsustainable truth about travel-sized beauty products  

Every year around the world we create more then 300 million tonnes of plastic and half of this is single-use. One of the worst offenders are plastic bottles, with a million sold every minute around the world - a figure that is expected to grow by more than 20% this year. Not every holiday rental offers bathroom products, but if they do, we would recommend using refill bottles for Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Handwash and Bodylotion. Many brands sell 5 Liter containers that can be returned when empty. Refill - Return - Repeat! It’s easy, good for the environment and cheaper, A win-win situation! A few of our favorite brands: Faith in Nature, Fill Refill Co. 

By providing bathroom products guests do no longer have to bring their own travel-minis. Considering the fact that 980.8 tonnes of plastic waste is produced by travel miniatures every year, it is posing a significant problem to the environment. 

4. Reusable shopping bags

Provide guests with reusable shopping bags. Guests will look stylish with their wicker baskets and canvas totes and it is so much better for the environment.

5. Recycling 

Make sure you have a good and easy recycling system in place for your guests. 

  • Bins clearly marked: Organic Waste / Glass/ Plastic & Paper/ General Waste
  • Clear instructions where waste needs to get disposed off

6. Renting through PLINIUS.HOMES

Plinius supports property owners who take steps towards creating a more sustainable business as well as inspiring travellers to embrace a more eco-friendly way of travelling.

Supporting the local economy: Plinius offers this information for each property with the best local restaurants in the area, off-the beaten track places, local artisans. 

Promoting “eco” activities: (e)Bicycles available for the guests, or recommending a rental place nearby in order to provide alternative modes of transportation, to reduces guests’ reliance on cars, and to encourage guests to explore the surrounding area in an eco-friendly way. Plinius offers this information for each property as well as suggested walk and cycle itineraries through the Plinius Komoot Account

Regional Food:  Sometimes there is a vegetable/herb garden/fruits trees at the holiday rental which guests can use during their stay in order to help them eat seasonal local meals during their stay. Plinius always offers a list with the farmer's markets near every property as well as authentic local restaurant recommendations.

Car-free accessibility: Is it possible to reach the property without a car? Plinius always provides the nearest train station to the property


Written by: the G.r.e.e.n.e.r. Team 


Olivia Green