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N° 067 | Into the Wild

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Far away from the outside world, in the heart of an untouched valley, surrounded by unspoiled nature, the Rifugio (a shelter; a place of safety or rest) is the perfect hideaway to spend time with family, and friends. This is one of those unique experiences you will never forget, it is a place that is very hard to reach, but once you do, you never want to leave. For any self-acclaimed city slicker, this is a surreal experience. Obviously, there is the comfort and luxury of the Rifugio, the shelter, but other than that, it is a true “into the wild” experience

We offer you nothing. So you can get away from everything.  ~ Luna 

How it all began

The Rifugio was built in the early 1900s, between two streams where three ancient tracks converge. It was a strategic base for the Italian customs trying to stop smugglers carrying contraband from and to Switzerland. Abandoned in the sixties, it was turned into a Rifugio in the eighties. After having been abandoned for another ten years, the Belgian Wout, Luna, and her parents were brave enough to take on the challenge of renovating this unique place in the middle of nowhere. It has now become a modern hideaway, an architectural gem where you can get away from the outside world. Back to nature, in Luxury! 


The Space

In front of the Rifugio is a large terrace from there you enter into a big, open-plan living space with a massive window overlooking the valley. Additionally, there is the kitchen and dining area with a big, comfortable sofa, a record player to play some epic tunes, and a cozy fireplace to snuggle up after a long day in the wilderness. 

On the first floor, there are two large rooms, both of which have private balconies and large windows overlooking the valley. There is also another terrace on the side. On the top floor, there are three additional bedrooms - one with a round window overlooking the valley and another two facing east and west.


The rooms

Suite (20 m2): Large window overlooking the valley. The suite has not one, but two terraces. 

East Room (22 m2): The East Room also goes by the name of Family Room or Friends Room. It has an area with a bunk bed (perfect for kids or friends) and a room with a double bed. It looks out upon the east side of our valley.

South Room (12 m2): When the Rifugio was a customs post to stop smugglers, it was characterized by its round window under the roof.  This trademark was kept and although this room is the smallest, it offers the most stunning view of the valley!

West Room (15 m2): On the west side of the second floor, you can find this cozy room. The two nooks give the illusion of reaching out into the forest.

Studio room (25 m2): The studio on the first floor is a little oasis with a private kitchenette, a balcony, a small eating and sitting area, and a comfortable sofa bed. It has a 5m wide French window overlooking the valley.

*All bedrooms have their own en-suite bathroom with a shower.


Managing expectation

There are no bars, no death rides, no discos, no restaurants, no ski lifts, no beauty parlors, no shops or parking lots, no taxis or paved roads, no markets, no parties, no lights, no noise, no nothing. Instead, they offer endless views, a valley teeming with wildlife, remote Alpine pastures surrounded by towering mountains, and our hideaway where the only souvenirs we can offer you are the priceless memories you'll take home for free. 

Because the Rifugio is so hard to reach, the rooms are full board. All meals, drinks, and more are included in the price. Their key objective is creating generosity.



The Rifugio dominates a hidden valley that runs from the Valtellina valley to the Swiss border. It is a place to explore the outdoors and cozy up indoors.

Hike: Through forests and across alpine meadows. To abandoned shepherd villages and hidden caves. Along waterfalls and over streams. To pastures with Tito’s cows and cliffs with Rocco’s mountain goats.

Collect: Pick strawberries, chestnuts, blueberries, raspberries, and elderberries. Collect eggs from our chickens and look for wild spinach and mushrooms. Then hike up to 2000m altitude and find flowers to make your own daneeda liquor.

Watch: Sit back and enjoy the view of the Bergamasque Alps across the Valtellina, changing every moment of every day and every season. Keep a look out for deers, wild boars, chamois, fire salamanders, falcons and so much more. 

Enjoy: Read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months, make a 1000-piece puzzle, relax by the fire pit, bathe in the icy cold river, have a snowball fight, make a painting, write a novel, or imagine you’re Heidi or Maria Von Trapp and sing.

Use: The Rifugio also offers the perfect place for an in-depth management meeting, a team brainstorm, a writers retreat, an intimate wedding, a family holiday, a creative gathering, a yoga week... You name it, they can accommodate it.



Plinius Loves

Luna and Wout: the super kind and adventurous, hosts, owners, and entrepreneurs.

The View of the Mountains:  you can take a million photos every day and each will be different. 

Understanding Nature: where the sun goes up and down, the rhythm of the day, and the seasons.

Into the Wild: being so far into the woods, away from all the city “comforts”, is a very empowering and inspirational experience 

Stay, stay, stay: It's hard to reach the Rifugio…. It's even harder to leave this place behind.


Nearest Airport 

For efficient travel to the Rifugio from one of the three Milan airports (Linate, Bergamo, or Malpensa), an organised taxi service by Luna and Wout is recommended, ensuring a quicker 2-hour journey. This option can be cost-effective, particularly for larger groups, compared to train travel.

By car: Milan Linate Airport  [2.5 hr]  Milan Malpensa Airport [3hs by car]  

The Rifugio is the wonderfully remote: It can only be reached by 4-wheel-drive. Alternatively, transport from the closest town or station is included in the price 


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Prices & availability


After the booking request is received we will confirm the availability and total price with the owner. You will then receive a confirmation and the total amount of your booking by email. A deposit of 30% of the reservation sum is requested upon confirmation (within 48 hours). The remainder must be paid no later than 60 days before the start of your stay. When booking within 60 days, the total reservation sum must be paid immediately. In case of cancellation more than 60 days before the start of the stay, 50% of the deposit will be returned*. In case of cancellation within 60 days, no refund will take place. *Applies to most properties, but not all. We therefore recommend cancellation insurance.

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Prices 2023 | Price transparency: Plinius is completely transparent about the prices, we do not charge a booking fee or add any additional charges. 

To rent the entire Rifugio with five people: € 900. (This is an all-inclusive rate per night.  Luna and Wout will cook for you, do the shopping, serve, provide coffee and snacks, and everything in between).

*Min stay: 4 Nights

Each additional person pays €120  ~ The more, the cheaper (there are 5 bedrooms with sleeping space for 13). 

 If people prefer to cook for themselves, you will be offered a 25% discount. Luna and Wout will still do the shopping, and cleaning, bring fresh bread, and stay nearby to assist and clean up a bit every day. 


Included in the rates

Rates include a catering service, including breakfast, lunch, a two-course dinner, plus coffee in the afternoon, appertivos, kombucha, and table wine at dinner. Also included is the transport to and from the Rifugio (which is 45 min from the station, and 30min from the closest town), guided hikes if wanted, and housekeeping every other day,


Additional Information

Luna and Wout live in a traditional stone cabin next door and are always close by if guests need help. Stays are fully catered including breakfast, lunch, a two-course dinner, plus coffee in the afternoon, appertivos, kombucha, and table wine at dinner. The menu is mostly vegetarian and features local fruit and vegetables, including produce grown in our garden. Transport to and from the Rifugio (which is 45 min from the station, and 30 min from the closest town) is also included.

Annual Closure: January & February



Do you have any questions, or if you like to combine other destinations and properties within the area for your travel itinerary? Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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Want to know the exact prices and availability for your trip?

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