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Vintage Alpine Style

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Prices from €209 per room

In 1930, Cesco Kostner transformed a small house into the first guesthouse in the village, holding the distinguished license number 1. This quaint building, among the oldest buildings in the village, offers magnificent views of Mount Sassongher. Here, the past softly and subtly blends into the present. Every step across the wooden floors brings a quiet creak, and the simple decorations add a magical touch, especially when the room is filled with sunlight, creating a cozy, warm atmosphere. Time seems to pause, offering a peaceful escape. To many, it’s more than just a house – it’s seen as a comforting retreat for both body and mind. The Costa Family is dedicated to preserving this enchanting atmosphere day in and day out.


The Cozy Rooms 

The thirteen rooms at the inn, featuring timber and wood panels, are exceptionally cozy. They bear the names Dolasilla, Lujanta, Moltina, and Sommavida, paying tribute to the heroines of Ladin legends, who were princesses and queens in the mythical Fanes Kingdom. Each room offers a snug and intimate setting, reflecting the traditional Alpine and Ladin mountain homes, yet no two rooms are exactly alike. Options vary from double beds to twin beds, and there are even single beds available for solo travelers. Despite its charm, the inn does have one notable limitation: it's not designed with young children in mind. To ensure a pleasant stay for all guests, the inn warmly welcomes families with children aged 10 and older.


Dolasilla, double bedroom, wood-paneled

A spacious 16 sqm wooden room dedicated to Princess Dolasilla, daughter of the King of Fanes and undiscussed star of the Ladin legends and tales

Moltina, double room

A spacious 17 sqm bedroom with a capacity for a third bed. This room is dedicated to Moltina, the legendary Queen of the Fanes’ mythical saga.

Lujanta, twin room

A spacious 16 sqm wooden room with two separate beds. The beds cannot be joined. This room is dedicated to Lujanta, Princess Dolasilla’s sister, keeper of the sacred groundhog spirit

Sommavida, single room

A cozy 13 sqm wooden room dedicated to Sommavida, Princess of Aurona, a bronze mine she managed to flee from with the help of King Contrin.


The Restaurant 

Aldo's culinary offerings blend Ladin tradition with a creative twist. Guests can enjoy delicious breakfasts, South Tyrolean aperitifs featuring Speck, and a select dinner menu crafted from traditional recipes using local ingredients, as there's a strong preference for working with local suppliers. Chef Aldo tailors the menu to the seasons, infusing each dish with a dash of creativity that always enhances the meal. The restaurant is also featured in the Michelin Guide



The wine selection focuses on the niche and the noteworthy, featuring small local wineries that produce limited quantities of exceptional wines. These oenological treasures are primarily sourced from South Tyrol and other regions of Italy, embracing the philosophy that less is more. Additionally, the list includes champagne from a small, passionate producer, ensuring each bottle offers a unique experience.


Mountain bar and café

The young innkeeper greets each visitor with a welcoming smile, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Regardless of your native tongue, there's no need to worry—here, they speak Ladin, Italian, German, and English, and are even willing to venture into French and Spanish with a bit of encouragement! This place is a true melting pot of individuals, languages, and cultures, where exceptional hospitality and a good glass of wine or a rich Italian espresso build lasting bonds between guests, the local community, and the majestic mountains.


Nearest Ski lifts

Col Alto Cable Car (150 yd) |  Costes Da L'Ega (400 yd) | Boè 2000m (550 yd)


Nearest Airport

Bolzano Airport [43km] | Innsbruck Airport [88km] 


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