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Home 1st president of Italy

users 4 bed 2 bath 1

Price from €160 

The current Relais dei Poderi was the Einaudi family’s holiday lodge for a long time and still keeps the charm and familiarity of a private home, where guests are welcomed like friends, to sip an excellent wine by the fireplace, have breakfast in the garden and relax with a dip in the swimming pool.

The rooms, including eight double rooms and two suites, with bathroom, TV, and Internet connection, are furnished with the original furniture of the house and offer an exceptional view of the gentle slopes of the Langa hills, protected by the majestic crown of the Alps.

Guests may wish to spend some time in the neighboring winery, to learn the secrets of grape growing and winemaking, with a series of tastings that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Swimming pool 

A relaxing place with a spectacular view overlooking the majestic crown of the Alps.