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In the countryside, near Venice

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Unique construction in the Colli Euganei

Price: From €250 per night 

Immersed in a natural big garden, at the border of the forest of Monte Rosso, the bed and breakfast features 3 individually colored bedrooms, each with its own magnificent view of the surrounding nature.

The heart of the building, however, is the Salotto, featuring access to the terrace and providing ample space to enjoy breakfast, read a book, talk, or simply enjoy the natural beauty outside.  

The focus of the architectural project was to create one unique space where nature and architecture interact without borders. The inside is the outside, the outside is inside.

To underline this integration with the surrounding nature, its construction combines natural materials with high-tech solutions, resulting in a building with low environmental impact, with a constant focus on eliminating any barriers between inside and outside. All components of this project have been made to order: from the architectural project to the furniture, the lighting as well as the logo and brand.


FUNCTIONS: Hospitality, relaxation, interactive kitchen, wellness, cellar for wine tasting, pottery workshop.

STRUCTURE: Ground floor in XLAM wood, insulated with wood fibers. The basement is made of concrete cast with OSB panels, all insulated with foam glass. The roof and all outside walls are covered with regional Larch.

MATERIALS: All materials are used in their original essence: wood, cement, and iron.

ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS: energetically the house is completely autonomous: cooling in the summer, heating in the winter, as well as all hot water, is generated through a geothermal heat exchange system with 2 probes at -150 m. Total recovery of rainwater. The lighting concept aims to enhance the internal as well as external areas. Employing different degrees of color temperature, the specific properties of the materials are enhanced as well as internal spaces separated according to their function.

At night the external lighting levels are low, never facing up, as required by the regulations against light pollution. The light sources are almost entirely LED, thus the operating costs are low, without compromising visual comfort and the ambiance which is very pleasant and relaxing at all times.

The surroundings

We think that this is the ideal base for discovering the beautiful province of Veneto. Located in the scenic Colli Euganei, the hills have not just stunning views but also castles, abbeys, villas, vineyards, and thermal baths. Next to the beautiful scenery, it makes the perfect base to discover all the cities nearby: Padova, Venice, Verona, Padova, and Mantova. You will definitely not be bored. Italy keeps on surprising us, because each of the cities mentioned above, is so worth a visit, from stunning architecture to exceptional frescos.  Except for beautiful cultural cities and nature, it's also a must-visit for foodies. There are many amazing Michelin and non-Michelin star restaurants, as well as good wineries nearby. See all in our Veneto guide. 

Additional services 

Breakfast: €20 per person - Breakfast is a rich selection of organic, seasonal, and regional products. 

Apero-Cena; €30 per person; drinks not included 

Private chef 

Private wine tasting 

Shiatsu Treatment 

Ceramic workshop (min. 2 hours; € 30 / hour; materials and firing included)


Plinius loves

The hospitality of Ulla and Eberhard

The basement with pottery studio and spa

The Large open living with a connection to the beautiful garden

The cities in the surroundings (Venice, Padova, Mantova, Verona)

Amazing culinary options near the house 


Nearest Airport

Bologna: 1:20 hr