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They call me mellow yellow

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Prices from € 190 per night 

A Chic Retreat: The Enigmatic Hideaway. 

Imagine a vintage-styled hideaway that effortlessly encapsulates the enchanting allure of a bygone era, an homage to the Slim Aarons nostalgia intertwined with the essence of "Dolce Vita." This is an enigmatic Villa, a place where time seemingly stands still.


A Century-Old Tale

The story of this villa is a tapestry of history, beginning in the 1920s when it was built as a private residence for the visionary mind behind the Vigiljoch Cable Car. Back then, it graced the heart of the town with its magnificent gardens and grounds, a feat that's nearly impossible in today's world. In the swinging 60s, the villa embraced a new role as a creative haven, drawing artists and visionaries from every corner of Europe. The 1980s saw it return to its private origins.

More recently, the villa fell under the gentle sway of a Roman resident, lying dormant until the imaginative Dissertori family proposed a brilliant transformation into a charming bed and breakfast. During this metamorphosis, the essence of the original structure was preserved, with delightful touches like floral wallpapers and antique market discoveries. The result is a beguiling medley of ten uniquely designed rooms and a swimming pool reminiscent of the swinging '60s, all cocooned by lush vineyards and bountiful vegetable gardens.


Savoring the Ambiance

Nestled amidst these charming vines is an intimate cocoon for no more than 20 fortunate souls, exuding an air of exclusivity and tranquility. Here, it's less of a hotel and more like an extension of your own home—a serene and peaceful abode, where hours glide by in quiet contemplation by the pool or amidst the verdant garden's embrace.


Exclusivity for Adults

The Villa is a refined retreat and unsuitable for small kids. Children need to be at least 14 years old to partake in the magic.

With a maximum of 20 guests, there’s an intimate atmosphere here — it feels like your own home, rather than a hotel. It’s calm and quiet, perfect for a day beside the pool.    ~ by Klaus Dissertori

Host and owner, Klaus Dissertori, has tastefully redecorated this mellow yellow villa with forest green shutters and is surrounded by fragrant gardens, fruit trees, and clouds of vibrant arnica flowers.


Your Gateway to Tranquil Elegance 

In the charming and somewhat undiscovered gem of Lana, the Villa stands as a resplendent testament to the beauty of South Tyrol. This tranquil town is perched on the fringes of the expansive Adige Valley, where picturesque apple orchards, rolling vineyards, and graceful palm trees dance in harmony against the backdrop of rugged mountain silhouettes. The nearest international airport, Verona, beckons a mere two hours away.

Nature enthusiasts will find their haven amidst the breathtaking hiking trails of San Vigilio Mountain, accessible via a picturesque cable car ride. Meanwhile, those in pursuit of relaxation can indulge in the spa town of Merano, celebrated for its rejuvenating thermal waters.

If you're a winter sports enthusiast, San Vigilio offers 5 kilometers of pristine ski slopes, all accessible via a convenient cable car ride from Lana. For a more extensive and adventurous skiing experience, neighboring resorts like Merano 2000, Plan, and Racines-Giovo offer a diverse range of challenging runs to suit your preferences.

Arriving at the Villa is a breeze, with a complimentary shuttle service from Lana/Postal train station, just a short drive from the hotel. Thanks to the town's excellent local transportation options, having a car may not be necessary for a delightful stay.



There are just 10 rooms split across two floors: four Doubles, two Superior rooms, three Junior suites, and one suite with a freestanding bath. Each one is done in splendid good taste!


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