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Souvenir Shop

We have curated a collection that celebrates the exceptional artisan community surrounding Plinius. These pieces can be found in one of our hideaways, or we came across them on our travels. Our aim is to bring their remarkable Italian craftsmanship directly to you. These beautiful, high-quality pieces are available in our Souvenir shop. We hook you up so you can buy direct from the artisans themselves.

Made in: Italy
Book “I Volti del Pane” € 18.90

Souvenir Shop Book “I Volti del Pane” € 18.90

Products: These breads from @lacaprini from Umbria truly are a piece of art.⁠ Book “I Volti del Pane” € 18.90 The Makers: Alessandra Caprini, bread artist. Graduated in economics, passionate baker, and home cook. Always a lover of cooking, since she was a child she enjoys cooking with her mother, takes amateur cooking classes, spies on old aunts, and peeks into professional kitchens. In 2020 her licoli was born and she began baking with sourdough, an adventure that will lead her to the creation of her artistic bread... She shares her secrets and techniques in her book “I Volti del Pane” The Faces of Bread. Recipes on the reuse of bread in the kitchen Instagram: @lacaprini

Online Course “From Dream to Casa”

Souvenir Shop Online Course “From Dream to Casa”

Product: Learn how you can confidently buy and renovate your dream home in Italy within 2 months, without having to worry about Italian bureaucracy, the cost aspect, or unclear information. *Currently the course is only in Dutch The Maker: Jasmijn Vonsee is a twenty-eight-year-old Dutch video and filmmaker. She has been an entrepreneur for five years. Due to her sense of adventure, grid, and passion, she has set up a business in Sicily to buy, renovate, decorate, and rent several stunning properties. She has now taken the next step and shared this valuable information with others with her brilliant online course (currently only in Dutch)

Dinner in Vineyard

Souvenir Shop Dinner in Vineyard

Product: You can attend this lovely dinner in the vineyard via @quercetodicastellina a family-run organic winery on a hilltop in the Chianti Classico. I mean if this does not symbolize the true Tuscany dream, I don't know what will. The Makers: Querceto di Castellina has been in the family since 1945. The vineyard is run with love, passion, and dedication. They craft naturally elegant wines without chemical treatment and as little disruption as possible to the natural surroundings. Sharing the beauty of the land by organizing vineyards dinners.

Ceramics of the Fasano family, Puglia

Souvenir Shop Ceramics of the Fasano family, Puglia

The Fasano family is producing ceramics for already 18 generations!! My personal favorite, COLLEZIONE ‘CONTEMPORANEA The Makers: Of all the Fasano's, Nicola is probably the most famous of the Fasano clan, selling his Italian Ceramics throughout Italy and abroad. He also has a shop in Rome, or have a look in the online shop. Instagram: @ceramiche_nicolafasano

The Best Mountain Guides of Northern Italy € 5.00

Souvenir Shop The Best Mountain Guides of Northern Italy € 5.00

Summer Corvara San Cassiano | Winter Cortina d'Ampezzo Cervinia | Summer Cogne Courmayeur | Winter The Upper Engadin The Makers: This wonderful husband and wife team started this company out of their love for the mountains and charming hotels. Check out the beautiful collection of high-quality, handcrafted pedules and friulane, together with the guides, it is all you need for a visit to the mountains.

Organic Essenza Olive Oil - 25cl - Tenuta di Carma €15.90

Souvenir Shop Organic Essenza Olive Oil - 25cl - Tenuta di Carma €15.90

Award-winning Olive Oil ~ They bottle the extra virgin olive oils in order to preserve the high quality The Makers: The company was created initially by Giulio di Gropello and Gianluca Pizzo, in 2008 Giovanni Bulgari joined. Their common trait was that they all love nature and that they are the most passionate consumers of their own products. Their mission is to produce excellence and to preserve nature. Found in: Award-winning Olive Farm | Plinius No. 009

Drawing Analogies: Graphic manual of architecture €25

Souvenir Shop Drawing Analogies: Graphic manual of architecture €25

A must-have for any architect student. Drawing analogies proposes an innovative way of drawing by means of which we can go from observing an existing architectural model to a design idea inspired by the same model. Using exclusively free-hand drawing, the author presents a series of cases referring to urban contexts, historical and contemporary architecture, and natural landscapes. The method involves four operative phases: observation, analysis, abstraction, and analogy. To demonstrate the practical use of the method of the four phases, some of the author’s projects are presented, with an analysis of the analogical sources that inspired them. Found in: Plinius No. 010 The Makers: This talented father and son team Andrea and Luca Ponsi are architects, artists, and designers. They link architecture, interiors, furniture, and objects in a relationship of mutual correspondence.

A perfect liqueur for after dinner € 30.00

Souvenir Shop A perfect liqueur for after dinner € 30.00

A'rbei: Rosolio Arbei is a modern interpretation of one of the oldest and simplest liqueurs of the Italian tradition. The Arbeiversion is characterized by the use of laurel as the main ingredient, which gives intense, fragrant, and very elegant aromas and aromas. The Maker: An inspirational team of creatives who founded A'rbei with the mission to sustainably create distinctly Italian laurel-based liqueurs melding tradition and innovation using the freshest primary materials. In the central Piazza of the village of Montottone (La Marche) is also a little A'rbei enoteca.

Hunter's BackPack

Souvenir Shop Hunter's BackPack

A timeless redesign of the typical backpack used by hunters and farmers in the Alps, especially in South Tyrol. Handcrafted in Italy in water-repellent cotton canvas. The Makers: Sylvia Pichler founded ZILLA in 2005. Her affinity for metallic and construction materials has been a family affair from the beginning. It was her grandfather and father, a blacksmith and an architect respectively, who instilled into her a profound love for haptic experiences. She ultimately became an architect herself, transforming her vision of materials and design into uniquely shaped, minimalist handbags. Pichler starts out by repurposing materials, thus giving them a new life in an altered shape. This approach is a fundamental part of her creative process and the key to her brand’s ongoing success. Over the last 15 years, she has honed her craft on the international fashion stage, with her products now being available in highly select, sought-after retail stores. ZILLA bags are exclusively manufactured in Northern Italy and can be found in Plinius Property No. 061

Not Just A....

Souvenir Shop Not Just A....

Clean Honest Beauty: Does not come by chance and not from anywhere: NOT JUST BODYCARE clearly stands for regionality, authenticity, and naturalness and is more than just a cosmetic line. It is a concept of clear ingredients, honest communication, and simple but highly effective compositions. They stand for genuine skin care, directly from the Italian Alps. Found in Plinius Holiday Villa No. 026 + No. 027

Pinot Nero IGP Notturno dei Calanchi 2016 € 28.90

Souvenir Shop Pinot Nero IGP Notturno dei Calanchi 2016 € 28.90

A very successful version of Pinot Noir. Ruby and bright ruby red in color, it gives intriguing notes typically varietal of cassis, raspberries, and sweet spices, wrapped in suffused minerality. Found in: Plinius No. 019 The Makers: Founded in 1985, the winery of husband and wife Paolo and Noemia d’Amico, one descended from a family of shipowners and a lifelong lover of wine, and the other of Portuguese origin and born in Rio de Janeiro. Paolo and Noemia’s wines have a refinement unique distinguished by a distinct minerality due to the long period of volcanic activity in the area and the consequent rock formation of tuff and peperino

Lo ve Vollana  € 65.00

Souvenir Shop Lo ve Vollana € 65.00

14kt gold silver necklace and handmade white and red frame beads embroidery The Maker: After exciting training and work in the art world, with professional experience in the “Massimo De Carlo” gallery, Viola Pisenti dedicates herself to the art of jewelry. All jewels are produced in Italy with the help of artisans.

No. 2 Due Necklace - Onyx € 390

Souvenir Shop No. 2 Due Necklace - Onyx € 390

A statement necklace made from high-quality gemstones. Handmade in the Labro atelier. The onyx stone is known for the energy of stamina and determination. It helps to rely on your own powers, and some say it has protective qualities, which makes it advantageous to carry when traveling. The Maker: Labro is a Dutch jewelry brand celebrating the spirit of Italy. It was founded in 2018 by all-around creative Lisa Galenkamp, who has designed the jewelry ever since. With high quality, Italian craftsmanship, and in-house production as core values of our brand, they aspire to create cool and modern, yet timeless pieces that sustain and style effortlessly together. They solely use pure materials. Plinius Magazine: A Perfect Italian weekend in Florence ~ by Aniek van Veen (Co-owner Labro)

Vechi Sassi Architecture & design

Souvenir Shop Vechi Sassi Architecture & design

Simon and Sandra can help you turn your home into something uniquely yours, taking care of it from start to finish. Whether it’s a complete reform, or just a part, or a design concept. For clients, they act as a full-service provider and offer services of architecture, interior design, and project management. They can handle a build from purchase to move-in, or any part therein. The Makers: The German-Italian Couple are super talented, their goal is to reduce each of our houses to the core and the essentials, to preserve the original charm, and to create a connection between past, present, and future. As seen in Plinius No. 003 + 042 + 049