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Culinary Highlights

Fattoria San Martino

The small and very charming Fattoria San Martino lies just outside the city walls of the medieval village of Montepulciano. A rural, tranquil, and beautiful Italian guest house surrounded by stunning gardens. The air is filled with fragrances of fresh herbs and zesty bergamot. It’s experiencing and feeling nature.

The exclusive plant-based vegetarian restaurant offers delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine as well as a high-quality selection of organic wines and local beers. Guests can eat outside on one of the terraces with a view either on Montepulciano or to the Tuscany hills, or inside. Since the dishes are entirely freshly made dishes it is essential to book a table before coming here. Fattoria San Martino is open for lunch and dinner… or just for a glass of wine, or herbal tea to taste sitting outside in the garden. 

San Martino’s life philosophy; “Life is joy and abundance and a respectful give-and-take with nature”. They serve fresh and happy food that grows in their organic garden or is bought from local producers. Homemade pasta, olive oil, vegetables, wild local herbs, aromatic herbs and spices. 

Cooking Courses

Occasionally they also offer Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Courses. It’s all about inspiring you to intuitive cooking. Not by strictly following a recipe but by trusting in your sense of taste and imagination you will create varied and healthy dishes that will leave your friends and guests at home speechless. Cooking class: 3-4 hours, At the end of the course the participants will enjoy together what they have prepared. 


Contact San Martino for more information and reservations

Fattoria San Martino Via di Martiena 3, 53045, Montepulciano (SI) 

Coordinates Navigation system Latitude: 43.095387 | Longitude: 11.796853 

Book your table and enjoy! +39 0578 717463 |


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