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Genesis, Join the next expedition!

Riccardo Gaspari, the chef and owner of the Michelin starred restaurant San Brite, as well as El Brite de Larieto, along with his wife Ludovica, established Genesis, which is more than just an event—it's a project. 

Riccardo and Ludovica believe in the importance of innovation and sharing in their work, drawing inspiration from their experiences watching colleagues cook in their kitchen and discovering new techniques and flavors. Genesis aims to go beyond being a mere event by becoming a project focused on regenerative and sustainable cooking practices. 

For Riccardo, Genesis represents his desire to leave behind a meaningful legacy. He envisions sustainability not just as an action, but as a feeling deeply ingrained in their collective culture of cooking. 

Ludovica Rubbini, the founder of Genesis, sees the project as a reflection of her identity and aspirations, striving to integrate her vision of food and sustainability into every aspect of the endeavor. Through Genesis, they aim to foster a sense of responsibility towards humanity, nature, and the future.



With Genesis they will give life to four exclusive events, each linked to one of the four elements that make up Nature: Fire - Water - Earth - Air.

These events will accompany the succession of the seasons, following their rhythms, colors, and scents;

It will be a series of events and workshops whose structure and boundaries will be guided by the changing seasons and the natural laws that govern us.

Through this passage of time, they anticipate reaching the ultimate event: GENESIS, which will serve as both the beginning and end of a profoundly rejuvenating year.


Genesis Events Calendar 

Keep an eye out on their calendar for the next event, it is a unique experience being part of this expedition. Next event 06 - 09 September 2024. Sign up today at 

*The pictures in this article is from their last expedition “Aqua” 

The new expedition of Genesis 2024, which will be hosted in Cortina d'Ampezzo from 06 - 09 September 2024.
Now in its fourth year, the event aims to be the continuum of a journey that began in 2021.

A 4-day event dedicated to their territory and the rediscovery of flavors, colors and traditions. The program will follow the format of previous years:


16.00 - Meet in Cortina d'Ampezzo and check in at a local mountain hut. Rooms will be shared and the style of these places, a symbol of the hospitality of our mountains, will be respected.
18.30 - Opening speech and aperitif

19.30 - 4-course dinner with guest chefs 

23.00 - Overnight stay in the mountain hut


8:30 - Wake up and breakfast at the mountain hut
9.30 - Outdoor sports activities
12.30 - Lunch in Cason, a typical Ampezzo cottage
14.00 - Workshop in the open air
16.00 - Return to the mountain lodge and rest
19.00 - Aperitif at SanBrite restaurant
20.00 - 4-course dinner at the SanBrite restaurant with Riccardo Gaspari


8:30 - Wake up and breakfast at the mountain hut
9.30 - Outdoor activities
12.30 - 4-course lunch at our mountain hut El Brite de Larieto
15.30 - Transfer to the tented camp set up at Pian Federa
17.00 - Round table with special guests
19.00 - Fire Dinner with exceptional chefs. The final enhancement of four days dedicated to nature and the outdoors, the most sincere way to experience the mountains.
23.00 - Overnight in the tents


7:30 - Wake up in the tents and yoga activities 

9:00 - Breakfast in the tents
10:30 - End of the event and goodbyes

International chefs will bring their idea of cuisine to us, respecting the values that  SanBrite have always carried forward: ethicality, respect, quality and and authenticity. there will be guest artists and artisans who through their daily work tell of authentic traditions and sacrifice.

The program is currently in its final stages of development. While we aim to maintain an element of surprise, we will gradually unveil the key participants of the four-day event and the activities planned for you in the upcoming weeks. It's a journey waiting to unfold, and we're eager to share it with you.

The cost of the experience is € 3,000 and includes:

- Welcome kit with gadgets for use during the 4 days; 

- Overnight stay;
- Internal transfers in Cortina d’Ampezzo;
- Lunches and dinners;
- Sports activities and workshops.

Should you purchase the package by March 31, the cost will be € 2,700.

If interested in purchasing the package, please don't hesitate to contact genesis: 



Ellen Grandjean