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Italian-Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas from Plinius Homes

No idea what gifts to choose again this year? No worries! Plinius Homes has compiled a list of beautiful Italian Christmas presents that will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance and warmth to your holidays.

Here are the favorite Italian-inspired gifts from the Plinius team:

Labro Jewelry: Discover the charm of Labro, a Dutch jewelry brand capturing the essence of Italy. Named after the picturesque Italian village of Labro, situated atop a wooded hill just two hours' drive from Rome, Labro draws inspiration from Italy's architectural wonders, diverse landscapes, passionate people, and the spirit of togetherness. Their exquisite jewelry reflects the beauty and vitality of Italian life.

Artisan Ceramics: Italy is known for its ceramics, and can you ever have enough beautiful plates? We ourselves love ceramics and prefer to adorn the table with as many beautiful creations as possible. Everyone knows the stunning creations of Nicola Fasano, which is a great tip. But even more exciting is to buy from young entrepreneurs. This year, we discovered the beautiful ceramics of Annemieke Boots (see an article about her) who has a ceramic studio in Umbria. Her work is available on her website or at the carefully curated store Atelier Sukha, where you'll undoubtedly find even more delightful gifts.

Italian Cooking Books: For culinary enthusiasts, a cookbook is always a good idea. These are our current favorites.

  • Ellen's choice from her favorite Italian restaurant in London.
  • Toscanini: Shari's recommendation from her beloved Italian restaurant in Amsterdam.
  • Mimi's Cookbook: Essential for all culinary enthusiasts, featuring Mimi's culinary expertise.

Italian-Inspired Towels: For those who appreciate practical gifts, how adorable are these beautiful Italian-inspired towels? These towels not only add a touch of Italy to your home but also come with a captivating story of inspiration. Learn more about their origin and design here.

Panettone: No Italian-inspired Christmas is complete without a beautifully packaged Panettone. A timeless classic, the festive packaging makes it the perfect and delicious gift for the holidays.

Shari Wijnhoud