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Peaceful Masseria Puglia

users 4 bed 2 bath 1

Price from € 215 (2 guests) 

A 20th-century Masseria between the sea and the countryside, surrounded by olive trees in beautiful Puglia. The Masseria has been renovated and converted into luxury suites and Spa. The perfect place to relax and recharge!

It is also very close to Purple Beach, Porto Marzano Beach (3km), and many beautiful historic villages to explore around the area. In the Plinius Travel Guide, you will find the best place to eat and visit! 


Vegan & Organic

Breakfast is included. Only vegan and organic products are served with love.


The Suites

Junior suite: The first double Suite on the noble floor offers a dual view of the countryside with its monumental olive trees. The hand-painted earth-sky color on the walls, along with the original stone flooring, exudes freshness and harmony. The centrally positioned king-size bed and the shower cleverly crafted from a wall cabinet, featuring a touch wall-mounted shower tray, are distinctive features that make this suite truly unique. Accommodating a maximum of two people, it is ideal for couples seeking a quiet and romantic getaway.

Junior suite 2; This ground-floor Suite offers independent access and a furnished outdoor space with a small table and umbrella, perfect for enjoying a moment of relaxation during the day. The decorated Puglian ceramic tiles on the floor and the original vaulted ceiling create an intimate and special ambiance. With abundant natural light from the double French doors, the Junior Suite is also ideal for a couple with a child. The bathroom, adorned with warm colors and featuring a waterfall shower tray and a small fountain, creates a soothing and spa-like experience.

Junior Suite Special: Exclusive Junior Suite located on the noble floor of the Masseria, offering an incredible view of the sea and Monopoli's countryside. Spanning 25 square meters, this suite features a rainfall shower with chromotherapy, an en-suite bathroom, and a unique marine-inspired decor.

Master Suite: The family Suite on the noble floor offers an incredible view of both the sea and the city of Monopoli. Characterized by the original stone flooring and expertly decorated walls in maritime colors, it evokes the sensation of sleeping between the sea and the countryside. The two separate bathrooms, featuring both a shower and a unique bathtub cleverly carved out of an ancient stone fireplace, provide a complete experience of well-being and relaxation. The living room and designer furnishings, along with the king-size bed and floor lights, create a unique and exclusive space.

Garden Suite: The only fully independent Suite, yet still within the Masseria. Located on the ground floor with direct access to the pool, this suite boasts a terrace equipped under the shade of ancient olive trees. Its modern design and minimalist decor play with natural light in tones of white and neutral.

Superior Suite: This master Suite, located on the first floor, offers a dual view of both the Capitolo countryside and the Adriatic Sea. Its restoration and antique patina make it cozy yet simultaneously understated and natural. Its 15 m2 "lounge" bathroom, featuring a central waterfall shower and a view of the olive trees, is its standout feature. The slightly undulating original stone floors, reminiscent of the passage of time, and its design-rich and historically significant open-plan layout are elements that define its luxurious simplicity.