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Spending a holiday in Puglia, gives you the feeling you're on an Island, the region is a place apart and surrounded by a sparkling Ocean, which is not inferior to the Caribean. The light is magical and the white villages make you feel like you're in a fairytale.

Made in: Puglia
Osteria Gia' Sotto L'Arco

Restaurants Osteria Gia' Sotto L'Arco

One of the best restaurants in Apulia and one of the few to have been rewarded with a Michelin star. It is located in an old "palazzo" overlooking the main place of Carovigno, a small village near Ostuni. Following a family tradition, the owners (Teodosio, a renowned sommelier, and the chef Teresa - his wife) turned their parents' old "osteria" into a refined restaurant serving Apulian cuisine with a creative twist and a focus on well-sourced, local produce with preparations that respect the culinary traditions of the region. Along with impeccable dishes, you'll enjoy the wide selection of wines, some of which come from the family's own production, "I Buongiorno", which can be bought at the owner's adjoining shop.

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Osteria del Tempo Perso

Restaurants Osteria del Tempo Perso

After meandering through several small alleys, you'll reach Osteria del Tempo Perso, a typical town centre tavern where you'll enjoy your (maybe) first cave dining! The restaurant has 2 rooms. The first one was and ancient mill with a hewn out grotto dating back to the 14th century. The second room is a sort of museum, with tools and equipments reflecting traditional peasant life hanging on the walls. In this evocative atmosphere you'll taste traditional dishes elaborated following the rhythm of the seasons.

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Le Icone

shop Le Icone

Le Icone is a décor-centric antique shop situated on the Belvedere of Cisternino, right in the heart of the picturesque Apulian countryside. The shop is set inside the walls of the old town, in a traditional 18th century stone building that was once the warehouse and cistern of the bordering Palazzo Amati. Here you will find anything from antique church panels with beautifully timeworn patinas to beaten-to-hell country tables and contemporary art work as their eclectic selection for furniture and decoration includes pieces from the XVIII century to contemporary.

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Maison de Base

shop Maison de Base

A lovely couple living in a little town called Oria. They are working out amazing pieces of ceramics, arts and design. They are currently looking for a studio spot, but for now you can check out their instagram! io base in Puglia, Italy where we work to across ceramics, art, design, natural building and food and wine

Casa San Giacomo

Restaurants Casa San Giacomo

A very cute restaurant in the heart of Ostuni serving classic dishes with a modern touch. Good selection of wines too!

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Nicola Fasano

shop Nicola Fasano

The Fasano Ceramiche company boasts a centuries-old tradition, with firm roots in the past but an eye to the future. For 18 generations, the Fasanos have incessantly carried out the entire production cycle of artistic ceramics, from the artistic idea to the final product. Each piece is individually hand painted by "maestro" Franco, the master of the company, thus being completely unique and a true piece of local Italian art. Ask for a visit of the laboratory to have the chance to see "maestro" Franco at work!

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Tulsi shop

shop Tulsi shop

For those loving high-end cottons in natural colours or hand block painted kaftans and unique fabrics or vintage ethnic clothes, Tulsi is a real gem, well worth a visit to the tiny village of Marittima in the very south of Italy. Deborah Nolan, the founder, is a traveller and a free spirit and she has been searching for beautiful things all over the world. A few years ago, after wandering between India, South America, California and Indonesia, she has settled in the village of Marittima and made it her home.

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Saleblu restaurant - La peschiera

Restaurants Saleblu restaurant - La peschiera

Saleblu is a luxury waterfront restaurant lapped by the Adriatic sea. The stunning "pieds dans l'eau" location is encased in glass for uninterrupted sea views and with an exclusive wood dining terrace. Excellent food, extremely fresh and local seafood and great wine selection will be served in this sophisticated environment.

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Al Trabucco

Restaurants Al Trabucco

Al Trabucco is located on the rocky coastline of Punta San Nicola, one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Gargano National Park, near the town of Peschici. For five generations this historical fishing rig has been owned by the same family who - since 1975, have turned it into a renowned, rustic and welcoming restaurant, where people can enjoy the fresh daily catch directly from the sea. "Trabucchi" are - indeed, pieces of wooden architecture which are suspended over the sea and used for fishing. The location is unique as you'll have lunch or dinner directly at the sea.

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Ama Chilometro

Restaurants Ama Chilometro

A Modern treat in the heart of Ostuni. With wine from Amalberga wines, a young wine producer from Ostuni and with food from Osteria Monacelle, a classic in Ostuni. All the products are grown and prepared locally. It's simple revised Apulian food, because the future is going back to the past!

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Weekly market in Cisternino

Culture Weekly market in Cisternino

At Plinius we love markets! The place where all the locals come together for their weekly groceries but also just to get together. Markets are quite a social meeting spot too. For us there is no better way than to start our week with the market on Cisternino, hold every Monday morning. They have amazing fruits and vegetables but also second hands clothes where you can do the best finds like a perfect Levi's 501 for 5 euro's or cashmere sweaters for 1 euro.

Pescheria 2 Mari

Restaurants Pescheria 2 Mari

Pescheria 2 Mari is a working fishmonger's at the southern end of the passeggiata. A perfect spot for lunch or aperitivo. They serve amazing raw seafood platters.

Punta della Suina

Activities Punta della Suina

You could think you're on the Caribbean when you lay on one of their deep-blue sun loungers under an umbrella. A very photogenic little islet with sandy beaches.

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La Calce

Restaurants La Calce

La Calce is a vegetarian restaurant at Borgo Egnazia, a place where the traditional flavours of Puglia are interpreted with an innovative twist.

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Palazzo del Duca

Restaurants Palazzo del Duca

It's a bit far up north, and technically part of Basilicata. But Matera is worth a visit. It is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. A city carved out of the mountains, a UNESCO world heritage site that feels like a movie set. One restaurant that is worth visiting because of it's magical view, is Palazzo Del Duca. It makes the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

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Polignano a Mare

Activities Polignano a Mare

You've seen the pictures, because this place pops up when you search for 'Puglia'. Bu it is a beautiful spot! Summer might not be the best time to visit, but try off season.

La Pergola

Restaurants La Pergola

A classic and excellent fish restaurant located at the beach of Santa Maria al Bagno, a small fishing village with a nice stroke of sandy beach.

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Bagno Marino Archi

Activities Bagno Marino Archi

A very aesthetically pleasing place to lay on a sunbed under a warm red parasol.

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Fratello & Sorella cooking classes

Activities Fratello & Sorella cooking classes

On the countryside of Puglia in between Ceglie Messapica and Martina Franca are Frans and Anna giving cooking classes in their traditional trullo. Most of the ingredients come from their own vegetable garden. The course is inclusive wine, dolce, coffee and digestives. The courses can be held in Dutch, Italian or English.

Rosticceria l'Antico Borgo

Restaurants Rosticceria l'Antico Borgo

The favorite macellaio of Cisternino where you can find the best 'bombette' of the region, bombettes are little rolls of meat filled with endless possibilities. Especially the one with 'cacciocavallo' a kind of cheese is very good.

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Restaurants Cibus

A very creative and culinary gem that captures the essence of the region's rich culinary heritage. With each bite, you'll embark on a journey of flavors that will leave you longing for more.

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Bar Tripoli

Caffè Bar Tripoli

Just one of those bars where you could hang out all day with the locals


Restaurants Gaonas

Indulge in a perfect fine dining experience in Martina Franca, a culinary haven for those with discerning palates in search of culinary perfection.

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Picci Bar

Aperitivo Picci Bar

where the ambiance evokes a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance.


Restaurants Sommarco

For wine enthusiasts we recommend to visit Sommarco promises a tasting of natural wines that will transport you to the very heart of Puglia's vineyards.

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Già Sotto l’Arco

Restaurants Già Sotto l’Arco

In a historic Baroque palazzo, this Michelin-starred restaurant in Puglia offers a stylish dining experience. Father-daughter team, regional ingredients, creative Italian cuisine, and excellent wine selection.

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Borgo Antico Bistrot

Aperitivo Borgo Antico Bistrot

The perfect place for aperitivo in Ostuni.

Moroseta kitchen

Restaurants Moroseta kitchen

While exploring Ostuni's culinary scene, it would be remiss not to mention the highly acclaimed Masseria Moroseta. Under the skillful guidance of Eugenia Goggi, the cuisine presented at this remarkable establishment is an experience that should not be missed. To ensure your place at this culinary haven, it is advisable to book in advance.

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The Best Flea Markets in Puglia

Shop The Best Flea Markets in Puglia

A perfect Sunday morning; Strolling through the Puglian flea markets. 1st Sunday of the month: NARDO: Via XX Settembre [50 stands] BARI : Piazza del Ferrarese or Piazza Giuseppe Massari [50 stands] FRANCAVILLA FONTANA: Viale Lilla [80 stands] TARANTO: Talsano, Via Ingegner Petio, area PIP zona industriale (in front of Ferramenta De Quarto) [50 stands] 2nd Sunday of the month: OSTUNI: Either Porta San Demetrio (Viale Oronzo Quaranta) or Corso Maggiore Antonio Ayroldi [100 stands] 3rd Sunday of the month: CISTERNINO: Palazzetto dello Sport [60 stands] MESAGNE: Via Ugo Granafei [70 stands] 4th Sunday of the month: LECCE: Via XX Settembre [80 stands] CEGLIE MESSAPICA: Piazza Sant’Antonio [60 stands] TARANTO: Talsano, Via Ingegner Petio, area PIP zona industriale (in front of Ferramenta De Quarto) [50 stands] MASSAFRA (only during months with five Sundays): Corso Italia [60 stands] *For most up to date schedule, check out the webiste

Tre Gioie dalla Puglia

Shop Tre Gioie dalla Puglia

Tre Gioie's range, crafted by Puglia's artisans, embodies the southern Italian way of life. These local masters preserve centuries-old art at risk of fading away. A beautiful online shop full of tableware, table linens, bags, and olive oil. All those lovely items that simply will not fit into your suitcase to bring home, just order them online.

Studio Riviera

Shop Studio Riviera

STUDiO RiViERA tableware is handmade with LOVE, HEART, and TRADiTiON in Bella Italia by traditional ceramic artisans. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique. The guiding idea is to combine the cheerful patterns, vibrant colors, and joyful Viso artworks inspired by the Italian vintage Mediterranean style of the Seventies into a unique set. All these beautiful items are a bit challenging to bring back home in your luggage, that's why it is so wonderful you can buy them online. Follow their Instagram @studio.riviera in case you need a little escape to Puglia.


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