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Plinius favorite adresses in Venice. The floating city has so much to offer away from all the tourist, discover a different side of Venice. Off the beaten track places, Plinius will let you into the secrets!

Made in: Veneto
Vino Vero

Aperitivo Vino Vero

With a focus on small and local wine producers, Vino Vero Venezia opened in 2014 and offers one of the best selections of natural wines in the world, it has become a meeting place for producers and drinkers where they mingle in the discovery of our wild and vast array of natural wines by the glass.

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Rosa Salva

Caffè Rosa Salva

Start you're day here with a coffee and an almond croissant. Rosa Salva is an old-school pasticceria and has a few locations throughout the city, but this one is the most picturesque, with its charmingly fusty interior and outdoor tables that invite you to sit and linger for a while.

Al Mercà

Aperitivo Al Mercà

For a nice local aperitivo go near the Rialto bridge to Al Mercà to stand chatting and laughing with a glass of Aperol or a nice Friulian orange wine in your hand.

Al Covo

Restaurants Al Covo

Al Covo is one of the most renowned restaurants in Venice . They mainly serve sea food and have some land specialties on the menu.

Ca' Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art

Culture Ca' Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art

Ca' Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art is located in a 17th-century Baroque building, which is alone worth a visit because of the original fresco's. It houses houses a collection of prominent modern Italian works (19th and 20th centuries) with classics like: Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin plus many other notable Italian artists.

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Peggy Guggenheim collection

Culture Peggy Guggenheim collection

The former home of one of the world's great art patrons and it is still the current home of some of the world's great art.

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Le Stanze del Vetro

Culture Le Stanze del Vetro

Le Stanze del Vetro is an initiative devoted to studying the art of glassmaking in the 20th and 21st centuries, Located on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Alberto Valese

Culture Alberto Valese

Hand marbled notebooks from Alberto Valese make perfect souvenir to take back from Venice.

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Co Vino

Restaurants Co Vino

Covino which stands for Community of Wine and is made up of genuine and authentic wines, which express both their original terroir and the personality of their producers. They love human producers, farmers, wine artisans who enhance their land and grapes thanks to their experience and ancient knowledge. At CoVIno you will only find easy to digest wines which will brush your body and mind.

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Restaurants Local

At this Michelin star rewarded restaurant you eat light, innovative food with a great pride for the local produce of Venice. The setting is modern.

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Restaurants Venissa

For the ultimate dinner you have to head to this secret vineyard In The Venice Lagoon. This is an idyllic winery and resort. Catch a boat across the lagoon to reach the tiny island of Mazzorbo where you can indulge in Venissa’s farm-to-tabel tasting menu .

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Antiche Carampane

Restaurants Antiche Carampane

A very popular and authentic restaurant, just like the hospitality of its host Francesco.

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Osteria Al Squaro

Aperitivo Osteria Al Squaro

For some cicchetti and an Aperol to go head to Osteria Al Squaro. Enjoy next to the waterside. Quite a popular spot for students.

Osteria Giorgione Da Masa

Restaurants Osteria Giorgione Da Masa

Recommended by Ulla and Eberhard as their favorite Osteria in Venice.

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La Biennale di Venezia

Culture La Biennale di Venezia

La Biennale di Venezia dates back from 1895, when the first International Art Exhibition was organized. The Art Biennale (La Biennale d'Arte di Venezia), is one of the largest and most important contemporary visual art exhibitions in the world. So-called because it is held biannually, it is the original biennale on which others in the world have been modeled. A must visit! (tickets online) In the 1930s new festivals were born: Music, Cinema, and Theatre (the Venice Film Festival in 1932 was the first film festival in history). In 1980 the first International Architecture Exhibition took place, and in 1999 Dance made its debut at La Biennale.

A table in Venice

Restaurants A table in Venice

The best souvenir you can pick up in Venice (or anywhere in Italy really) is learn to cook a local dish very well. It will give joy for years to come - maybe even generations! First there is a lot of research involved by eating in many of the excellent local restaurants (there are plenty of great suggestions in the Plinius Venice Guide). Then a visit to the local market, the key is good quality ingredients which is very easy to find. Last but not least, a good local cook book for example " A Table in Venice" by Skye McAlpine. Some of the recipes are translated and barely adapted from old Venetian cookbooks, while other dishes are more loosely inspired by the ingredients, the flavours and the everyday life of Venice.

Bakery: Pasticceria alla Bragora

Caffè Bakery: Pasticceria alla Bragora

The best place to start the day! Fresh pastries, hot from the oven (if you are early enough). My personal favourite; the almond croissant.

Gelateria Mela Verde

Caffè Gelateria Mela Verde

The creamiest ice cream in town at Gelateria Mela Verde! It's a small, unassuming little shop where they make fresh ice cream every day. The flavours are always interesting and delicious.

Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana

Culture Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana

Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana are the two contemporary art museums of the Pinault Collection in Venice. Renovated by Japanese architect Tadao Ando they present personal and collective exhibitions. Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana aim to share with the public the knowledge and love for contemporary art through the extraordinary Pinault Collection and to strengthen the privileged relationship the institution has developed with artists, especially thanks to works specifically conceived for its exhibition spaces.privileged Since May 2013, the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi complements this artistic and cultural programme. Conceived by Tadao Ando, this 225-seat auditorium offers a wide range of events - conferences, concerts, screenings - that underline the will to establish a dialogue with a Venetian and international public.

Giudecca and San Giorgio

Activities Giudecca and San Giorgio

Forget the gondola and board the vaporetti (water bus) to visit the tiny island of Giudecca and San Giorgio. Worth a visit is the bell tower with magnificent views over the city ~ without the crowds!

“Let’s take a boat and have lunch at Cipriani, in Torcello”

Restaurants “Let’s take a boat and have lunch at Cipriani, in Torcello”

Ernest Hemingway stayed here for a whole season, writing what he considered to be his masterpiece, as long as it was unpublished. ( ‘Across the River and Through the Trees’) The restaurant serves simple Venetian food as well as a fine selection of Italian, and particularly Friulian and Venetian, wines. Sit in the garden is summer or by the crackling fire in winter.

Gianni Basso Stampatore

Shop Gianni Basso Stampatore

Gianni Basso Stampatore is a tiny, charming, old-school stationery shop. The shop makes everything from correspondence cards, invitations and business cards. All made by hand on vintage letterpresses.

Osteria ai 40 Ladroni

Restaurants Osteria ai 40 Ladroni

A simple little restaurant that serves excellent sea food. The decor has not changed since the 1930s. Order a selection of antipasti and sit for hours on the terrace on the canal. A few favourites: Venetian cicchetti, risotto and the famous vegetables of Sant'Erasmo and the gnocchi with crab (granzeola)

Rialto Market

Activities Rialto Market

Italy is one of the world’s great food cultures. It is an essential part of Italian life, and perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in the local Italy food markets. Markets in Italy are the beating heart of food and community. The Rialto market is one of the longest running markets in the world. Records dating as far back as 1097 show that a market existed on the same site for centuries. There are two parts to the market to discover — an undercover Pescheria or fish market and an open air produce market known as the Erberia. Given the city’s position on the lagoon, the fish market is a treasure trove of bounty from the sea.

Teatro La Fenice

Culture Teatro La Fenice

Old school glamour, where people dress up, and the whole experience feels very fancy. The shows (mainly opera: Tosca, Madame Butterfly, the Barber of Seville) as well as the space is spectacular La Fenice, means "The Phoenix" which might have something to do with the fact that it has literally risen from the ashes three times!

Osteria Alle Testiere

Restaurants Osteria Alle Testiere

A "bacaro" ( a simple restaurant or wine bar, typical of Venice.) with wooden tables, and nice informal atmosphere They only serve fish (super fresh from the market!)

Movies set in Venice

Activities Movies set in Venice

Venice has always been an inspirational location for the motion pictures. The Best Movies set in Venice (in no particular order of preference) Summertime (1955) , Death in Venice (1971), Don't Look Now (1973), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), The Comfort of Strangers (1990), The Wings of the Dove (1997), Bread and Tulips (2000), Italian for Beginners (2000), The Italian Job (2003), The Merchant of Venice (2004), Chasing Liberty (2004), Casanova (2005), James Bond "Casino Royale" (2006), Brideshead Revisited (2008), The Tourist (2009), One Chance (2013), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), From Russia with Love (1963), Fellini’s Casanova (1976), Moonraker (1979), Everyone Says I Love You (2003), Dangerous Beauty (2008), Unforgiveable (2011)

Corte Sconta

Restaurants Corte Sconta

A typical trattoria with a simple dining room, and a lovely outdoor dining area. The best place for a spaghetti vongole!

Book a Water Taxi

Activities Book a Water Taxi

Travel in style! An exclusive service provided for guests who are staying at the Plinius apartments Salina and Clemente ~Design apartments in a stunning palazzo in the heart of Venice


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