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Ceda M

It is only recently that the Comelico Valley is waking up from its touristic sleeping beauty slumber, luring travellers to a region waiting to be explored. A tiny mountain village on the rim of the Dolomites

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In to the wild

Activities In to the wild

Hiking in the wilderness, surrounded by nature and great scenery. Val Grande is a large wilderness area in the Northern Piedmont Alps, that turned into National Park in 1992. Well-signposted paths on both sides of the valley lead through uninhabited areas to alpine cabins serving food and drinks, to mountain lakes, and breath-taking panoramic views.

Algudnei museum - Dosoledo

Culture Algudnei museum - Dosoledo

“Algudnei” Museum: the name derives from the composition of several words (algu d’nei) that in the dialect spoken in the valley, means “something of us”. The museum is linked to the Cultural Research Group of Comelico Superiore. To better understand the culture this is a fascinating museum to visit

Ristorante Laite

Restaurants Ristorante Laite

Laite is located in a beautiful, typical mountain property with a Stube-style room from the 17th century. Local recipes, seasonal ingredients and an excellent wine list. A wonderful gourmet experience. ~ 30 min drive from Ceda M

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Ristorante Mondschein

Restaurants Ristorante Mondschein

Mondschein, a taste of the Dolomites (Located only 30min from Ceda M). An elegant mountain hut on the edge of the village. The ski slopes are just behind the restaurant and it is the ideal place to enjoy a delicious, informal dinner at lunch time. In the evening the cuisine is more elaborate and of excellent quality.


Restaurants Oberholz

This restaurant is located in a stunning constructions of wood Created by Pilcher and Pavol Mikolajcak. A trio of colossal windows bring the mountains to your table along with the coffee and the baskets of fresh pastries.

Jora Hut - Mountain restaurant

Restaurants Jora Hut - Mountain restaurant

Take place in the rustic, warm and homely setting of Jora Hut. During summer, you will find yourself on an alpine pasture, surrounded by the impressive mountains of South Tyrol – which you can admire from the sun terrace. During winter, on the other hand, you will find yourself in the midst of the ski slopes of the Monte Baranci / Haunold skiing region, set within the Three Peaks Dolomites area. Enjoy our South Tyrolean specialities made with products from local farmers. All dishes are prepared freshly by chef Markus Holzer and his team, using high-quality and natural ingredients.

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Waldruhe Gasthaus - Mountains of Flavour

Restaurants Waldruhe Gasthaus - Mountains of Flavour

Set in the meadows, fragrant and very green in summer and during the winter it turn into fantastic ski slopes of Monte Elmo. The 15th century Waldruhe is a typical Gasthof with traditional Tyrolean cuisine. Right in the middle of the unspoiled nature of the Sesto Dolomite Natural Park.

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Restaurants Tilia

This glass and steel cube in the middle of the garden of the former Grand Hotel (now home to a cultural centre) is the original setting for a restaurant with just five tables and seating for 16 diners where the chef delights guests with his contemporary cuisine. Anita Mancini is responsible for the wine list, paying careful attention to regional labels without ignoring excellent wines from elsewhere – you’ll also find a good selection of gin and tonics. ~ Michelin Guide *One Michelin Star

Rifugio De Doo

Restaurants Rifugio De Doo

From the wood to the wood. The zero-kilometer building! Refuge located 2000m high, in the heart of the Dolomites of the Val Comelico. Designed and built according to the ancient tradition and art of woodworking. Eco-sustainable materials, rainwater recovery, plant engineering with reduced environmental impact and technical-structural choices in full respect of the surrounding mountain landscape. Excellent Slow-food restaurant, with breathtaking panoramic views.

Slowfood restaurant Botondoro

Restaurants Slowfood restaurant Botondoro

The slowfood restaurant of the Agriturismo Botondoro has an authentic cuisine that is based on the main traditional recipes of the area and that gives precedence to the use of what are the company's agricultural products. Delicious, fresh food... from farm to table (zero km!)

Discover Val Comelico

Activities Discover Val Comelico

In the very high Cadore, on the border between South Tyrol and Austria, lies the Val Comelico, a valley as small as it is enchanting. Scattered villages hidden among the pine and fir trees. The Popera Group is a small mountain group of the Alps. Among the major peaks we can point to Cima Undici, with its 3,092 meters, and Popera Mount with its 3,046 meters. Each village deserves a visit, they are unique and curious, but above all with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Villages to visit: Comelico Superiore is made up of four villages: Padola, Dosoledo, Candide and Casamazzagno, and three villages that surround them, Sacco, Sega Digon and Sopalù.

Casunziei’ dumplings

Culture Casunziei’ dumplings

The culinary tradition of the Camelico is based on alpine farming. Each village in the valley has at least one restaurant with its own specialties and traditions. Try them all… it is a delicious way to discover this area. For us the ‘casunziei’ was the winner and would like to share the recipe with you!

Cross-Country Skiing

Activities Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is the king of winter activities with the slopes of the Dolomiti Nordic Ski circuit, Europe’s largest cross-country skiing carousel with 30 km of trails. The trails stretch across the entire valley, passing through scenic or secluded corners, such as the spruce forest. Not bad for such a small valley!


Activities Skiing

The skiing areas Val Comelico in Padola will only take a few minutes to reach from Ceda M. The ski slopes from Padola reach 2000 meters above sea level at Col d'la Tenda and are the starting point for charming tours of the Dolomites "UNESCO World Heritage Site natural parks", a unique skiing experience to discover the Dolomites in Sesto and Val Comelico.

Mountain bike

Activities Mountain bike

If there is an ideal place to immerse yourself in nature, it is right here. On your feet, or on a mountain bike, the Val Comelico is really an area to discover! From the villages, to the hiking and mountain bike trails, to the many huts in the valley, to the numerous via ferrata (Italian for "iron path", is a protected climbing route found in the Alps)

Local Fun Fact

Culture Local Fun Fact

You may not know that only in a few woods of Val Comelico, Val di Fiemme and Tarvisio grows the Picea excelsa fissilis, the so-called “resonance fir”. A very rare species, it is used by luthiers all over the world to build the front of the sound box of many stringed instruments. The origin of the name “resonance” is to be found in the fact that in ancient times, when forest roads did not exist, the trunks were brought down to the valley by sliding them in channels properly called “risine” built in trunks and turned in the direction of maximum slope. During the journey, the logs, hitting the banks of the rice fields, emitted such vibrations that the woodcutters could tell whether the wood “sang” or made a dry and deaf sound that showed its different nature even though it was always precious wood but not specific resonance.

In the footsteps of the Pope

Activities In the footsteps of the Pope

Pope Wojtyla (John Paul II) was a great mountain man and loved Comelico very much. He was a guest of the Lunelli and Berti refuges and celebrated many masses at high altitude. he certainly left a legacy in this area. You can walk in his footsteps through the circuit “The Paths of the Pope”.


Activities "Maskarada"

Do not miss the event that brings together all the towns of Comelico: the “Maskarada”, the carnival that has a centuries-old tradition in this valley. Although the Council of Trento tried to suppress this festival, the carnival has always resisted and is a very heartfelt event: parties, parades, songs and dances accompany the typical masks of this area.

Local Artist Aurelio Fort

Culture Local Artist Aurelio Fort

Renowned artist Aurelio Fort, whose art is partly exhibited at the Cedä M, will open his studio to those who ask to see it.

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