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The life style of old Italy is preserved here on this unique spot. The ultimate Italian Slow Living in the Tuscan Countryside. A very special place that brings the urban soul back to nature.
Become a local (not a tourist!) at Ebbio!

Made in: Tuscany
Nourish from the inside out

Restaurants Nourish from the inside out

Food is the ultimate source of health and happiness. At Ebbio you get fresh, locally sourced ingredients, primarily the produce grown on site, which is certified organic. Over twenty years of travel and living by the mantra that ‘food is medicine’, the meals are a highlight for all guests: always rich in nutrients, organic and vegetarian, the menu varies to complement what’s in season in our fields. Mediterranean flavours meet new creations in healthy, vibrant cooking.


Activities Recharge

Ebbio offer many ways to attain inner harmony, be it through yoga practice, meditation, exercise. Their network of quality instructors and therapists offers you personalized experiences to maximise restoration, healing, and growth. There is a designated yoga space which comfortably accommodates 20 people

Historic hiking route

Activities Historic hiking route

The Via Francigena is the ancient path that has connected Canterbury and Rome since the Middle Ages. Nowadays it remains a pilgrimage path, as part of the Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago) but also presents a different way to discover Tuscany. Take a journey through time in close contact with the ancient surroundings and local shops. Ebbio is just 800 metres away from the starting point of the route from Monteriggioni to Siena; the route from Monteriggioni to San Gimignano starts just over 1 km away

Cooking workshop

Activities Cooking workshop

An introduction into the culture of seasonal, balanced and healthy cooking. The delicious organic ingredients are mixed, creating unique tasteful combinations inspired by traditional gastronomy. It will change the way you cook (and eat) for ever!


Activities Monteriggioni

Monteriggioni is one of the most impressive walled Medieval towns in Tuscany. It’s the typical fortified village that started its life as a castle, perfectly rounded to suit the hill on which it has stood since the beginning of 1200. Today its mighty towers can still be seen for miles.

Artistic residency and art collection

Shop Artistic residency and art collection

Ebbio has long history of artistic and creative residencies. Currently, they are in collaboration with a renowned international artist called Vasuda Evans whose stunning canvases and sculptures are displayed and exhibited around the property and are available for sale. Once a year she leads an art workshop at Ebbio.

forage [ /ˈfɒrɪdʒ/ ]

Activities forage [ /ˈfɒrɪdʒ/ ]

Foraging is the act of gathering wild food . Ebbio will share all the secrets of nature and its fruit with you; we can take you for walks in search for ‘treasures’. Your findings would vary according to seasons, and include flowers, wild asparagus, wild herbs, wild fruits, berries, nuts and mushrooms. These treasures will then be used for the preparation of wonderful healthy dishes, unguents, or cosmetics.

Vimini basking making

Activities Vimini basking making

An old Italian tradition, the making of wicker baskets. Workshops organised by Ebbio (min. 5 participants)

Somewhere down the crazy river...

Activities Somewhere down the crazy river...

A refreshing dip in the river is called "Parco park fluvial della val c'elsa". The natural Etruscan pool is called "Le Caldane in Colle val d'Elsa". River and natural pool both have free access. To avoid crowds we suggest to visit either early in the morning or late afternoon (and avoid weekends!)

Wine in the castle

Enoteca Wine in the castle

Wineshop inside the castle of Monteriggioni, to buy, taste and enjoy the best wines, Vinsanto as well as the black Malvasia Grappa.

Tenuta di Montechiaro Estate

Enoteca Tenuta di Montechiaro Estate

A historic Chianti winery, located 10 km from Siena. The cellars are from 1760 and they organise wine tastings. Four organic wines, traditional vinsanto (aged 6 years) and black Malvasia Grappa.It's a beautiful estate to visit, the panoramic views are outstanding, particularly the view of Siena in the distance and the panoramic view of rolling hills with vineyards and olive groves and stunning sunsets over Siena.

Horseback riding

Activities Horseback riding

The best riding centre in Radicondoli. Horseback riding for beginners and expert riders. It is possible to do 1 or 2 hours rides, or more demanding ones of 3 or 4 hours up to 1-day ride with a tasting or lunch with homemade food at the Club House.

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Villa a Sesta Polo & Equestrian Club

Activities Villa a Sesta Polo & Equestrian Club

One of the most prestigious clubs in Europe. You can book a tour for an hour (min 2 people / max 6 people) or private lesson. You can also book a wine tasting or end the experience with an Aperol Spritz at the bar.

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Castellina in Chiani

Culture Castellina in Chiani

There are the usual suspects; San Gimignano, Florence and Siena, all very beautiful... but unfortunately also very touristy. We prefer the lesser known place, like Castellina in Chiani. One of the most charming hilltop villages in the Chianti. Set on the scenic Chiantigiana, surrounded by vineyards and wooded groves, a landscape dotted with picturesque stone houses and ancient wine estates. Enjoy a wine tasting at one of the many wineries; Fonterutoli is one of our favourites. (also in this guide)

Bagni San Filippo - Hot springs

Activities Bagni San Filippo - Hot springs

Bagni San Filippo is a beautiful hot spring in the forests of Tuscany and is among the insider tips of Siena region, far away from mass tourism. During a visit you will be amazed by the hot sulfur springs, which bubble directly from the earth into the midst of untouched nature. Of particular interest here are the white limestone deposits, which have created impressive rock formations and cascades over the millennia. With really pleasant water temperatures of about 25 °C you can have a wonderful swim in the river of Bagni San Filippo and enjoy a unique atmosphere in the forest.

Bagno Vignoni

Culture Bagno Vignoni

Famous for its wonderful thermal baths which have been in use since Roman times. This small town is just a half hour drive from Invidia. It makes a lovely half day outing or a full day if combined with nearby San Quirico d’Orsi


Activities Workshops

Ebbio is such an inspiring environment to be in. Take part in all the wonderful experiences and workshop they have on offer and you return home with many news skills, insights and inspiration! Essential oil making, Natural Cosmetic making, Jam workshop, Vimini basket making, Foraging and Cooking classes

It's funny how life works out....

Culture It's funny how life works out....

This is the lifetime dream of one woman, Francesca Bevilacqua... and along the way her daughter Sibilla. Together with Dimitri, Nushi, Bardi, Annamaria, the beloved Woofers, as well as geese, chickens, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and plenty of butterflies they have created an extraordinary space. The country ways of old Italy are preserved here. Read their story and get inspired by these wonderful, inspirational women.

Giving back...

Activities Giving back...

Get involved in farm life by getting your hands dirty and help make Ebbio even more like home. Ebbio has the most impressive vegetable garden you will ever lay your eyes on. Work, learn and get inspired, surrounded by nature!


Activities PicNic

Beautiful meals on the go! All organic, vegetarian, km0 and 0-waste. Delicious food wrapped in Fig leave or in jam jars. Finding the perfect picnic spot in the Tuscan Countryside is easy. A perfect afternoon spend in nature.

Outdoor Fire

Activities Outdoor Fire

Especially in the cooler months it's wonderful to request an outdoor fire. Roast marshmallow and tell some good stories, a perfect evening the spend with friends and family. For a little extra cost you can also request live music and dance around the fire. Does it get any better than this?!

The Unusual Suspect.

Culture The Unusual Suspect.

There are the usual suspects; San Gimignano, Florence and Siena, all very beautiful... but unfortunately also very touristy. Colle di Val d’Elsa is more off the beaten track, its main claim to fame is as the birthplace of architect Arnolfo di Cambio. Born around 1245, Arnolfo built Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. Colle has a long tradition of craftsmanship and was nicknamed Città di Cristallo (“city of crystal”) for its many glassworks



Your very own Tuscan village. For centuries, the borgo of Fonterutoli has been the heart of the Mazzei family’s Chianti Classico estate. In Italian, a borgo is a small rural settlement. The ancient Florentine stronghold of Fonterutoli, which stands on the via Chiantigiana between Castellina in Chianti and Siena, is a typical example. A cluster of simple but lovingly crafted stone houses, it was built to provide accommodation for the estate’s farmworkers and their families and it still does. Fonterutoli Estate is our favourite Chianti tasting place. Taste 4 to 8 wines, you can choose to have some bites matching each glass. There is also a restaurant and little bar at the property.

Osteria di Fonterutoli

Restaurants Osteria di Fonterutoli

Alongside hills lined with cypress trees and ancient country churches, in addition to world-class wines and olive oil, Tuscany has one of Italy’s proudest and most instantly recognisable culinary traditions. The Osteria di Fonterutoli respects this heritage, serving dishes made exclusively with fresh, seasonal local produce, with a particular eye to the wild game that roams wild in the estate’s pristine, uncultivated meadows and woodlands. This is the restaurant of the wine estate Fonterutoli, where you can do wine tastings of 4 to 8 wines

The Società Orchestrale di Fonterutoli

Aperitivo The Società Orchestrale di Fonterutoli

Bar & Grocery Store opened in its new guise in 2017. It dates back to 1896, when it was inaugurated as a meeting place and rehearsal space for musically inclined locals of all stripes. For over a century, the Società was the hub of Fonterutoli's social life. The place has been spruced up now but it remains true to its original convivial spirit. Locals and guests from afar come here to grab a typically Tuscan snack, or an Italian-style aperitivo.

Bike around the Tuscan Hills

Activities Bike around the Tuscan Hills

Either as a guided tour or rent a (e-)bike and discover the hills of Tuscany. This is the best way to see and feel Tuscany.

Francesca's Radionic Therapy

Activities Francesca's Radionic Therapy

At Ebbio there is a message room where the therapist will meet you. There are many talented, local practitioners of different styles: Thai, Craniosacral, Chakra-balancing, Relaxation, Body-Counselling, Shiatsu and Sports Massage. Also Chinese medicine, Tibetan pulsing, Family Constellations, Naturopathy and Radionic Therapy where you get a psychological and physical diagnosis through a pendulum.

Castello di Ama - Wine, Art, Enoteca & Restaurant

Activities Castello di Ama - Wine, Art, Enoteca & Restaurant

Castello di Ama is truly a unique place. Located in a medieval hilltop town just north of Siena in Chianti, this winery feels like a fairytale—one that's also a destination for contemporary art. Lush vineyards produce award-winning wine; gardens are a backdrop to 16 site-specific works and installations by international artists: a.o Anish Kapoor, Miroslaw Balka, Kendell Geers, Chen Zhen, Daniel Buren. ‘Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani’ offers tasting of the Great Wines, by the bottle and by the glass. Everything contributes to the uniqueness of Ama. The restaurant of Villa Pianigiani is open every day, except Tuesdays, for lunch from 12:00pm to 2:30pm and on Thursday, Friday and Staurday evening, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, for dinner.

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Bindi Sergardi Wine Estate

Activities Bindi Sergardi Wine Estate

I Colli estate represents the history and soul of 23 generations of the Bindi Sergardi family, which built this hamlet at the end of the 1400s. A unique tour, where you can enjoy the visit of the beautiful vineyards and the historic cellar which dates back to 1067. Wine-tasting of 4 to 8 wines, you can choose to have some bites or larger dishes accompanying each wine choice.

Bar dell'Orso - Monteriggioni

Caffè Bar dell'Orso - Monteriggioni

A very local bar with the best coffee, cold cuts and definitely try the panpetato cake

Ristorante le Torri - Monteriggioni

Restaurants Ristorante le Torri - Monteriggioni

Along the Cassia regional road from Florence to Siena, among vines, olives and the typical cypresses also sung by the great poet Carducci; past the village of Poggibonsi, the splendid 13th century castle of Monteriggioni appears on a hill. In the historic centre of Monteriggioni is Ristorante Le Torri. The cuisine is typically Tuscan, the food is excellent, the staff is super friendly and the setting beautiful.

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La Foresteria di Villa Cerna

Restaurants La Foresteria di Villa Cerna

The Restaurant is surrounded by vineyards offering the excellence of traditional Tuscan cuisine combined with the best local and national wines. There is also a Winery and a Wine Shop to welcome you for wine tastings or purchases.

Arnolfo Restaurant

Restaurants Arnolfo Restaurant

Two-stars Michelin Restaurant, Situated in Italy’s capital of crystal, this restaurant takes its name from the 14C architect Arnolfo di Cambio, whose birthplace is just a few hundred metres from here. Arnolfo is first and foremost a family business, which gives it a friendly, welcoming ambience. Guests are served delicious seasonal specialities that are typical of the region, on a menu that showcases a wide variety of ingredients with a range of flavours (sweet, bitter, sharp and crunchy).

Ristorante La Speranza

Restaurants Ristorante La Speranza

A local restaurant, less picturesque, but incredible meat - book in advance!

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Osteria Le Logge - Siena

Restaurants Osteria Le Logge - Siena

Osteria Le Logge was born from the deep love towards wine and food, that has matched Gianni Brunelli and his wife Laura.

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The Tre Cristi - Siena

Restaurants The Tre Cristi - Siena

The Tre Cristi wine restaurant, located in the heart of Siena, close to the seventeenth-century Collegiate of Santa Maria di Provenzano, takes its name from an ancient shrine. Best Fish restaurant in town, refined and beautiful setting.

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Enoteca I Terzi - Siena

Enoteca Enoteca I Terzi - Siena

Enoteca and Traditional Restaurant with wood-burning oven.

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Pasticceria Nannini - Siena

Caffè Pasticceria Nannini - Siena

Best Tuscan cakes; Pan di Siena fichi e noci, Ricciarelli, Antico Panpepato, Panforte, Cantucci

Dolci Tram - Siena

Shop Dolci Tram - Siena

Luxury boutique housing best designers.

Aloe&Wolf - Siena

Shop Aloe&Wolf - Siena

It’s not just a vintage clothing store. It’s not just a carefully selected collection of jewelry, hats, shoes, belts, vintage bags to go crazy for. Aloe&co. is a capsule of garments, accessories, works of art, photographs, videos created by Aloe&Wolf in collaboration with creatives from all over the world, a space where energies are amplified without restraints.

Ristorante Osteria Le Panzanelle

Restaurants Ristorante Osteria Le Panzanelle

Slow food restaurant, great food and Sibilla's favourite.

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La Bottega del 30 - Villa a Sesta

Restaurants La Bottega del 30 - Villa a Sesta

Franco, wine and countryside lover, Elena, his parisian wife, who fell in love with the village of Villa a Sesta and its food, decided together to open the restaurant in 1987. Their success was immediate, but their desire to improve has never ended. Ten years later, in 1997, the Michelin star was a great moment of joy.

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L’Asinello - Villa e Sesta

Restaurants L’Asinello - Villa e Sesta

A modern connection to the local land In the kitchen Senio brings to life clean and straightforward dishes. Flavors of the Tuscan tradition tied to its roots and its history, conceptualized in a modern way

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