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The Veneto has so much to offer, from the Dolomites in the north to Venice, Padova, and Verona to Prosecco and more fabulous wines.

Made in: Veneto
Ca' della Vigna

Enoteca Ca' della Vigna

First generation winemakers Willem and Catia. An Italian and Dutch architect duo with a great passion for wine. They're setting up sales and tasting rooms with the idea of hosting food and wine experiences and cultural events like theatre, dance, music and literature.

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La Calandre

Restaurants La Calandre

A three Michelin star restaurant where they serve the food on ceramics made by Ulla from La Mugletta. They also have a more casual bistro restaurant Il Calandrino, which is open all day and uses the same quality ingredients as Le Calandre. Here you can already come in the morning for pastries and perfectly-pulled espresso made with coffee beans selected and roasted by Torrefazione Giamaica of Verona.

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La Tavolozza

Restaurants La Tavolozza

A favorite from Eberhard and Ulla. For lunch the 'bigoli co l'anatra' is recommened (long pasta with duck ragout)

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Matteo Grandi

Restaurants Matteo Grandi

Another recommendation from Ulla and Eberhard in Vicenza. A one star Michelin restaurant, but they also own a bistrot and cafe.

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Garibaldi caffe

Caffè Garibaldi caffe

From the same owners as the Michelin star restaurant, luckily they also own a caffe for a simple cornetto and delicious coffee.

Pasticceria Biasetto

Caffè Pasticceria Biasetto

Pasticceria Biasetto: A Venetian born in Brussels that learned to work chocolate in Belgium, world champion with his ca Setteveli“.

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Il Calandrino

Restaurants Il Calandrino

Owned by Le Calandre restaurant: Il Calandrino offers a a variety of excellent - quality eating options from breakfast to dinner, seven days a week. Simple yet carefully prepared dishes made from the best seasonal ingredients.

Trattoria al Sasso

Restaurants Trattoria al Sasso

This is an upscale trattoria with high quality local dishes and very good service, only 15 minutes away from La Mugletta

Enotrattoria da Serafino

Restaurants Enotrattoria da Serafino

A family affair, now the 3rd generation (3 brothers) are establishing themselves with creative interpretations of local dishes. The pigeon is a must try. Only 8 minutes away from La Mugletta.

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Trattoria da Lorenzo

Restaurants Trattoria da Lorenzo

A typical Italian restaurants, just 8 minutes form La Mugletta.

Ristorante da Antonio

Restaurants Ristorante da Antonio

This restaurant has a beautiful terrace with a great view of the hills, honest prices, excellent local kitchen; said to have one of the best wine lists in the Colli Euganei. It is only 10 minutes from La Mugletta

Ristorante Radici

Restaurants Ristorante Radici

Fine dining restaurant in Padova, has a good ambience and an amazing chef, who will make sure you have a memorable experience. 15/20 minutes from La Mugletta

La Folpetteria at Piazza della Frutta Padova

Restaurants La Folpetteria at Piazza della Frutta Padova

A must visit experience pop-up bar/stall at Piazza della Frutta. This historical stall specializing in fried fish and octopus. Open in the evening.

fourteenth-century fresco cycles

Culture fourteenth-century fresco cycles

Padova’s fresco cycles at a total of 8 locations in the town: Cappella degli Scrovegni, Chiesa dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo agli Eremitani, Palazzo della Ragione, Cappella della Reggia Carrarese, Battistero della Cattedrale, Basilica and Convento di Sant’Antonio, Oratorio di San Giorgio e Oratorio di San Michele.

University of Padua

Culture University of Padua

The university of Padua dates back to 1222 making it the fifth oldest university in the world. The Anatomical Theatre of Padua is the first permanent anatomical theatre in the world. Still preserved in the Palazzo del Bo. it was inaugurated in 1595 by Girolamo Fabrici.

Alla Costiera

Enoteca Alla Costiera

Family farm where Filippo Gamba makes organic wines since at least 2005 and has come out with some great new red wines. He has just inaugurated his new tasting room.

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San Nazario

Enoteca San Nazario

biodynamic winery. Check ahead for the weekends. They also have a very cute farm to table restaurant where they cook good, local and vegetarian meals.

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Quota 101

Enoteca Quota 101

Vineyard on a splendid location, they produce organic wines here.

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Ca Lustra

Enoteca Ca Lustra

pioneering traditional winery, dedicated to organic and natural wine production. Franco Zanovello was one of the first winemakers to sell bottled wine instead of only barrels, as used to be the practice in the Hills.

All' Ombra della Piazza

Aperitivo All' Ombra della Piazza

This is a great destination for winelovers. Near the Piazza della Frutta tucked away on a pedestrian side artery. They serve many good snacks, like Venetian cicchetti. .Busy and bustling at aperitivo time.

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Enoteca da Severino

Aperitivo Enoteca da Severino

Severino has for decades been a favorite drinking and socializing hangout for residents and students in Padova. There are not seats here, only a counter and a chalkboard with the choices of wine by the glass. They have a good selection from low-intervention, artisan producers to bigger names. Have a drink here or take a bottle away–the friendly staff will help you navigate the selection on the shelf. Perfect Aperitivo spot, as they close early.

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Osteria Volante

Aperitivo Osteria Volante

Only 3,5 km from La Mugletta, a great place to go for some good snacks!

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Botanical garden Padova

Culture Botanical garden Padova

The oldest Botanical garden in the world, Stroll through the flowerbeds and explore the newly-built greenhouses with the tropical species, and don’t miss Goethe’s palm–the oldest plant in the whole garden.

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Da nane della Giulia

Restaurants Da nane della Giulia

An old-school trattoria that is very popular amongst locals, so make sure you book ahead. Serving traditional dishes. The menu changes based on the seasons, but will always include a range of traditional, meat-heavy dishes (though they sometimes have herring too). If you’re into trying truly heritage recipes, go for guinea fowl or donkey or liver. The homemade fresh pasta dishes, like the pasta e fagioli with maltagliati or the bigoli with chicken ragù, are pretty special too. Go hungry.


Restaurants UVA

A very hip natural wine bar which serves excellent food too (both lunch and dinner) .The menu is extensive, and ranges from shared plates to pasta and rice dishes. Creative mains with meat, fish and enough vegetarian options. Their outdoor seating area, in full view of the astronomical clock of Piazza dei Signori, is truly outstanding. They make good cocktails too.

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Culture Lazzari

The best boutique for clothes. Tucked away on a side street of the fashionable Via San Fermo, this beautifully conceived shop features a seasonal collection of curated, unique pieces with a romantic, playful touch.

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Tenuta Borgoluce

Enoteca Tenuta Borgoluce

A beautiful organic prosecco farm in the North of the Veneto area. Guests are welcomed in the midst of woodland, meadows, fields and vineyards, in the winery and in their restaurants. Their prosecco is produced in coexistence with nature. Next to wines they also produce fresh buffalo mozzarella, meats, bread, honey and olive oil. The area is also great to hike around!

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