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Artists X Carma X Climate Change

This award-winning olive-farm is a sustainable project focused on producing high-quality EVOO and nature-focused hospitality. Although all their productions are focused on organic and permaculture cultivation and positive C02 emission balance they believe they can do more to fight climate change. They asked 3 important international artists to produce exclusive art pieces and to allocate the profit to an international organization focused on Climate change chosen by the artists themselves.

About the artist Carsten Holler 

Born in Brussels to German parents in1961 lives and works in Stockholm and Accra (Ghana). Carsten applies his training as a scientist to his artist’s work, particularly on the nature of human relationships. His work uses different media - painting, sculpture, photography, video - and focuses on the Credit Photo Brigitte Lacombe

Creation of monumental works such as where the intervention of the public is decisive as the“Test Site” (2006), a project commissioned by Turbine Hall, at the Tate Modern.
He has been invited to all the most important contemporary art exhibitions of his generation worldwide since 1993, the list of his solo and group show is visible on Wikipedia. He has attended just to name a few; several Venice Biennial, Documenta Kassel, New Museum, Tate Modern, Mass MOCA , Boston ICA, etc.

Carsten has elaborated a special edition of his famousDivision painting”.


This Division square has been chosen after a conversation with the artist about this project as it summarizes a tentative, equilibrium between human rationalism and nature where the green represents nature and its subdivision a researched tentative of order and a history of multiplication at the same time.

Although there is no specific reference to Alighiero Boetti's work the Division Square painting has a connection,
a series of performative acts elaborated in a similar manner but with a different result, from Alighiero in 1975. “Raddoppiare Dimezzando (Insicuro Noncurante) ”in fact is a concept that Boetti has expressed in different ways. Unconscious mind Holler developed a “Boettiano" concept by transforming it into a non-minimalist form and using bright colors and white lines, a happy surprise for Carsten to discover this affinity elective with a great Italian artist whom he himself esteems.


Established in 1999, as Eden Conservation Society, A Rocha Ghana (ARG) has emerged as a committed environmental NGO providing practical conservation interventions aimed at contributing to the sustainable management of important ecological habitats and initiating programs aimed at facilitating the target community’s ability to adapt to current trends in climate change and the impacts of a changing natural environmental. In 2003 Eden officially became part of the A Rocha family (network)

Atewa Range Forest Reserve, in the eastern region of Ghana, is internationally recognized as one of the highest-priority ecosystems in West Africa for its high species diversity, high levels of endemism, and great hydrological importance. The forest was gazette as a National Forest Reserve in 1926, then subsequently a Special Biological Protection Area in 1994, a Hill Sanctuary in 1995, and as one of Ghana’s 30 Globally Significant Biodiversity Areas (GSBAs) in 1999. For further information please download the research report about the Biodiversity of Atewa Forest ( Biodiversity -of-Atewa-A-Rocha.pdf) available on the website

About the artist Norma Jean 

NORMA JEANE is the Alias of an artist who does not wish to be identified. The biography read as follows; (the artist) was born in Los Angeles when Marilyn Monroe (the movie star) died: in the night between August 4th and 5th, 1962. By taking possession of somebody else’s personal data, renouncing a specific gender, and creating a proliferation of personalities, s/he produces uncountable “copy and paste” versions of the persona in whom different features coexist, transcending any possible existing person. Norma is an artist without a body, and therefore without a personal biography that extends beyond his/her artistic curriculum. S/he has participated in numerous public art events and exhibitions in major international art museums - MoMA, New York; Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; Frieze Project, London; Quadriennale di Roma - and biennials Biennial; Lyon Biennial; Liverpool Biennial; Desert X Biennial, Palm Springs, etc.)

Norma Jeane has held numerous lectures and conferences in private and public international institutions such as Universities and Foundations and has taken part in various workshops and think tanks (e.g. Artificial Intelligence and the Transformation of Humanity, CIFAR and the Berggruen Institute, New York, August 31 - September 1, 2017). S/he took also part in various international residencies such as the P.S.1 International Studio Program in New York.


Holyva is a tribute to the sacrality and power of nature where the trees in general and the olive tree in particular are the maximum expression of resistance and harmony. Life on planet Earth would have not been possible without trees that managed to modify a toxic atmosphere into a livable one by converting CO2 into oxygen through the chlorophyll photosynthesis process. Trees, as well illustrated by Emanuele Coccia in °La vie de plants°(2018), are superior beings as they have developed a survival strategy although on a standstill position.

The olive tree is a jewel species among all others since has developed a survival strategy in harsh conditions (the plant out of earth part survives over 40 degrees and minus 13 degrees of temperature ) that include apparent death. Once the leaves fall and the branches die the root remains alive and within a few months reproduces itself thus never dying. Norma Jeane's piece is a tribute to this exceptional capacity of survival as the golden brain represents the root hidden in the ground. Although Olive trees are known for their longevity of thousands of years, they are also one of the smartest efforts to reach immortality among living creatures of this planet.

CONTRIBUTES WILL GO TO: N.O.E.L, THE Natural Ocean Engineering Laboratory di Reggio Calabria

The Natural Ocean Engineering Laboratory, of the Mediterranea University (UNIRC), has excellent expertise in ocean/marine engineering, focusing on wave modeling-related aspects and wave energy harvesting.

The research group of ocean engineering and marine energy of the NOEL is formed by one Full Professor, one Associate Professor, and two Assistant Professors on Ocean engineering, supported by the collaboration of two Post-Doc Fellows, some Ph.D. students, and undergraduates.

The mission of this group is to utilize the knowledge acquired in the field of marine and civil engineering to develop novel methodologies in the analysis of the wave phenomena and of the wave climate. The group is also involved in the analysis of coastal structures for protection purposes (for instance caisson breakwaters) and in the development of novel coastal structures hosting devices for wave energy harvesting (the REWEC device). The group has gained expertise in the fields of wave mechanics, short-term statistics, long-term statistics, coastal processes, and reliability of marine structures.

Further, in the last decades, the group has performed small-scale field experiments in a natural basin, where sea waves are not generated by artificial wave tanks. Thus, the researchers have gained unique experimental skills necessary for dealing with experiments in a natural environment.

About the artist Armin Link 

Born in Milan in 1966 Armin Linke is a German artist, who lives and works In Berlin. Nicknamed the Bruce Chatwin of photography he is a photographer and filmmaker who combines a range of contemporary image-processing technologies to blur the border between fiction and reality. Linke indagates the formation – so-called Gestaltung – of the natural, technological, and urban environment in which we are living. He has made several famous reports within closed border countries such as North Korea and China in the 90’s and has focused on the Anthropocene, documenting the profound transformations of urban and natural landscapes also caused by mankind. This research has been made following esthetics, anthropological, and sociological criteria and has resulted in the creation of an archive in progress with the aim witnessing of our planet's condition. Matter in the last 20 years traveling worldwide. His works have been shown worldwide in some of the most important museums and group shows such as MOMA/PS1, Centre Pompidou, the Berlin Biennial, and the famous Utopia station at the Venice Biennial in 2003. Special award Venice Architecture 2004.


Tornado is a violently rotating column of air that is the contact with the surface and a thunderstorm in the atmosphere, in the form called a waterspout These spiralling columns of air frequently develop in tropical areas close to the equator. So the question is why on the Mediterranean coast? This phenomenon is another evidence of Climate change and as such has been chosen by the artist as a self-explicative message of warning.

On the basis of an ongoing research-based artwork and campaign by Maria Thereza Alves to bring awareness to the protection, care, and preservation of the forest by the AMAAIAC (Association of the Movement of Indigenous Agro-Forestry Agents of the state of Acre) in Brazil.

Armin Linke has decided to join forces and support the activities of the “Forest Agents" which are not supported or recognized by the Brazilian government and receive no regular income for their labor and yet they are the front line for ensuring the possibility that Brazil and the larger world might have a future” AMAAIAC’s mandate is to preserve forested areas on indigenous lands and provide training for more efficient agro-forestry methods, particularly for areas which have been heavily deforested and destroyed by settlers. AMAAIAC is not an organized ONG but a group of people fighting to protect the forest as such they do not have a website and remittances are made to the head of the organization with previous info to Maria Theresa Alves.


Logistics is managed by Francesca with customized packaging made with 100% recycled material. clato and recyclable.

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This award-winning olive-farm is a magical place that brings the urban soul back to nature. Making this place available to everyone is a generous gift, a small act of love. 8 Guests | 4 BR | 4 BA | Pool | Set in award-winning olive grove 

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