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Tuscan Chef in a Little Kitchen

Tuscan Chef Little Kitchen is where Alessandro runs his cooking classes. It's situated in Montisi, a small hilltop village near Siena but Alessandro can also come to the farmhouse to have the cooking class in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

The cuisine is based on fresh ingredients, as much as possible local and organic and according to the seasons. It is simple and deep-rooted in Tuscan tradition with some exceptions from other Italian regions and contemporary cuisine. It is a combination of tradition and innovation and is based on a deep knowledge of the techniques and the ingredients typical of Italian cooking.

Tuscan Chef Little Kitchen is a small cosy place where you can spend a few hours cooking and enjoying the company of other people. You will learn some of the secrets of Tuscan/Italian cuisine and can then taste the food that has been prepared together. 

The cooking school is located in Montisi, a very pretty medieval hilltop village near Siena, which is well worth a visit. The lessons are open to a maximum of 8-10 students and are totally hands-on. All the students will be involved in the preparation of each course. During the lesson, Alessandro will provide recipes to follow and drinks. There will be local wines paired with the meal. (Students are also welcome to bring their own wine).

The following lessons are on offer:

Tuesday - A cooking lesson with a market visit
This will be a fish and vegetable course. At the market, there is no fresh meat available.
For example: 
- Simple appetizer 
- Risotto with seafood and shellfish or mushrooms or other seasonal vegetables 
- Fish course depending upon availability
- Fillet in potato crust with olives and marjoram or stuffed calamari 
- Dessert 
You will meet at the market in Sinalunga at 8:30 am, spend 1 hour shopping, and then go back to Montisi to cook.
The lesson will end with an enjoyable lunch around 1 p.m.

Full meal class - afternoon (morning on request) 
4 courses including homemade pasta starting at 4 pm. 
- Antipasto 
- Home-made pasta with paired sauce 
- Meat course 
- Dessert 
The menu will be set according to the season and we will take account of clients’ requests as much as possible.
Vegetarian menu on request.

Truffle hunting with Nico + cooking lesson - morning (afternoon available in spring and summer only)
This lesson includes 1 hour of truffle hunting in the woods around Montisi and 2 hours of cooking lesson and lunch.
- Home-made tagliolini with truffle
- Truffle egg 
- Dessert

Olive press tour, olive oil tasting, and pasta class - morning 10.30 am 
Visit the local olive press of Montisi where you will be guided through the fascinating world of extra virgin olive oil, starting from the tree and ending with an olive oil tasting. This will take about 1 hour and a half. At the end of the olive oil tasting will move to the Little Kitchen, which is just a few steps away, to prepare a simple meal based on extra virgin olive oil. 
The menu will be:
- Olive oil bruschetta 
- Home-made pici cacio e pepe (typical home-made spaghetti with sheep cheese and black pepper) 
- Olive oil and lemon cookies

In case cooking is not your fancy, Alessandro also offers private dinners at the farmhouse  
Classic Italian Dinner
One of the chefs will cook on-site using the cooking tools available in your kitchen, serve the dinner, and clean up the kitchen and the dishes afterward.
Guests only have to set the table. 

Special Gourmet Dinner
Perfect for an unforgettable dinner to celebrate an important day. We will arrange a more formal service with a special tablecloth, flowers, and tableware. The dinner will be served by a professional waiter. Gourmet dishes are based on the Italian tradition but with a modern interpretation and presentation. In addition to the classic Italian dinner, we will provide everything to set the table.
Special desserts are available from a local bakery. 
Musical entertainment can be provided if desired. 

Special Event
Buffet style aperitif with finger food (about 10 different) with prosecco, 2 first courses - usually a risotto and a pasta, 1-second course which is usually a meat dish with a vegetable side dish and dessert.

Tuscan Chef Little Kitchen - via Umberto I, 140, in Montisi 

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