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Podere Alberese

It started with a dream…

Podere Alberese is a family-run organic farm in the heart of Tuscany. The family moved here in 2003, leaving behind their well-heeled life in Monza for a simpler life in the countryside. They bought a dilapidated farmhouse that needed a full restoration. There also were some olive trees and a neglected vineyard. However, they arrived with a great desire to make excellent wines.  

Foglia tonda

The first discovery they made was the Foglia tonda grape on their property, which is an (almost) forgotten grape. An ancient and traditional grape variety to Tuscany with a long history. Foglia Tonda is considered to be a grape with huge hidden potential both to make monovarietal wines as well as in blends. It gives fine wines with a certain body and characteristic floral, fruity, and spicy notes such as violet, often ripe red fruit, dried plums, and cinnamon. This grape was revived and used by Podere Albrese as a blend in the “A Vento e Sole” – IGT Toscane Rosso.

Organic farming

Since the first vintage, they chose to embrace the principles of organic farming (achieving the official certification in 2007). They make wine exclusively from grapes harvested from their vineyards, where they grow only native varieties: Sangiovese, Fogliatonda, Canaiolo, Trebbiano, Malvasia. Most of the vineyards are over forty-five years old, while a small part was planted in the early 2000s. They now cultivate 6.5 hectares of vineyards and about 700 olive trees. The wines produced are artisanal and natural, created according to the philosophy and tradition of the winemaker with particular attention to native vines such as the Foglia Tonda.

The person in charge is the lovely and knowledgeable Lucia Bozanno. She studied at the university in Milan, “viticoltura e enologia” which is a specific branch of “facoltà di agraria”. After graduating she gained hands-on experience at some other vineyards before taking over the family business, which she does with so much love and attention to detail. Since 2006, the entire winemaking process has taken place at the farm, first by setting up a simple cellar equipped with the essential elements for winemaking and then enriching it with increasingly efficient machinery that allows them to maintain high-quality standards. However, modern, and sophisticated equipment is only a support to their manual work, which always remains the greatest resource and an indispensable premise of their products.

White stone

The name “Alberese” comes from a particular white stone (from “albus”, which means “white” in Latin) which can be easily found underground, around the buildings. The unique composition of the soil around Podere Alberese, creates special conditions of growth for the vineyards and has a positive effect on the production of elegant and mineral wines. 

From the start of their winemaking journey, they chose the organic path. However, they have gone above and beyond over the years. Currently, their products are not only certified organic but are obtained with methods that preserve the quality and characteristics of the raw material: spontaneous fermentations, no additional chemicals, and very low levels of sulphites.

The simple life

It is an exceptional wine estate with exceptional people.  As we left Podere Alberese at the end of the afternoon, Antonietta explained; “We came here to live a simpler life, but sometimes a simpler life is not easier, but it certainly is a beautiful life” 


The wines have been combined with art. For the Pittolo and Aprilante white wines the artist Silvia Faini created a beautiful artwork, inspired by the environment and philosophy of Podere Alberese. 


Since 2013, every year Adriana de Carvalho Masi writes a new poem for the Alberese label. From this collaboration the idea of a literary competition came out and in 2017 they promoted the first edition of “Premio letterario A vento e sole”. 

A Vento e Sole 

Ci sei mai stato quando scende sera

che di rosa soffonde

ulivi e vigne e crete

le strade come orli di gonne svolazzanti

fra i cipressi che s’ergono nel cielo?

Ancora ride il picchio nel silenzio

rotto dal mio bastone

di solitario errante.


han cominciato I grilli il canto

che consente alla notte.

Uomini e donne antichi

di tra le fronde del nodoso leccio

carco di ghiande vestite di pudore

riversiscono a frotte

la luce che svanisce.

Tutto ritornera domani

simile ma diverso

a imprigionare il tempo.

Adriana de Carvalho Masi - Podere Alberese TOSCANA  - Indicazione Geografica Tipica 2017 - The poem became such a success that many writers wanted to participate. The first poem in 2017 evolved into a literary festival in Asciano at the end of May each year. 


Podere Alberese has been reviewed in “Slow Wine Guide” (published by Slow Food) for several years. It’s a collection of the best Italian wineries, with their production philosophy, and a story behind each bottle.

The focus is on the "winemaker" and on his productive identity, an essential element to understanding his wine.

Chianti DOCG “A Vento e Sole”  has received the award of VINO QUOTIDIANO several times 

Chianti Riserva DOCG “Podere Alberese”  has been awarded as VINO SLOW,  entering the list of top wines of Tuscany in the 2021 edition.

Wine tasting 

They will tell you about their wines, how they were conceived, how they cultivate the vineyards, the difference between the various vintages, and production processes in winemaking.
• Tasting of three wines (one white, two reds)
• A taste of our extra virgin olive oil on toasted bread

Duration: 1 hour - Cost: € 10 / person - Reservation required -

Direct Sales From Monday to Saturday;  10 AM - 1 PM; 3 PM - 18 PM - Sunday: 10 AM - 12 AM

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