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Serafina Guide

Immerse yourself in the still wonderfully traditional way of living in Piedmont. Our favorite places to visit in the area of Dogliani.
As well as everything about "Quota" ~Do what you love

Made in: Piedmont
Barolo bar

Aperitivo Barolo bar

Unlike the name would suggest, there is much more here than barolo. So you do not have to dig so deep into your pockets, as there are many great wines and local foods to be enjoyed here. As well as live music from time to time. It is located in the centre of Monforte d’Alba.

Agripanetteria by Stefano Musso

Caffè Agripanetteria by Stefano Musso

Words and Photo by Anna Pearson* Have you ever heard of an “agripanetteria”? I never had until recently, but then I figured it out: “Agricoltura” (agriculture) + “Panetteria” (bakery) = “Agripanetteria” = a bakery that processes home-grown grain! Et voilà, in Dogliani there is someone who does just that: Stefano Musso grows ancient grains which he uses to bake very good focacce, breads, grissini etc. This is the small, self-built shop of Stefano Musso’s “Agripanetteria”.

Osteria dei Binelli

Osteria dei Binelli

Food of which you can be sure that the ingredients haven’t made a trip around the world. What is it that makes Piedmont so irresistible? Why do the flavours in a down-to-earth “locanda” remain so vivid in our memories? To find answers, we set out on a quest to the Osteria dei Binelli near Dogliani in the province of Cuneo. * Words and photos: Charis Stank

Cascina Barroero

Activities Cascina Barroero

There is no place in the world where such excellent (and numerous) Hazelnuts could grow, except for the Langhe. The world of the Nocciole can be explored nowhere else in an as authentic and well-tasting way as at the Cascina Barroero, in Cortemilia. Words and Photos by Jürgen Schmücking*

Vinoteca Centro Storico

Restaurants Vinoteca Centro Storico

A pearl of Italian hospitality can be found in the historical city center of the small village, Serralunga d’Alba. The Vinoteca Centro Storico is a culinary sanctuary for wine connoisseurs and gourmands. Here, the small guest room is bulging with excellent wines and delicious specialties from the region. You’ll find prosciutto, culatello and all different kinds of salamis hanging from the ceiling.

Morgana del Re

Activities Morgana del Re

On this farm in Rodello, Ilaria Fresia and her parents Roberto and Giuliana produce organic hazelnuts and process them into various specialties. *It is necessary to book at least 2 days in advance specifying possibly also the preferred time

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Letterpress Printing workshop

Activities Letterpress Printing workshop

The doors of the print workshop are open to anyone who is interested, with workshops available for 4-6 people who want to try their hand at printing.

Serafina Quota

Activities Serafina Quota

Staying at Castello, Casa Capra and Bocciarda is so much more than a beautiful place stay. Get inspired and creative and participate in one (or more!) of the amazing workshops on offer through Serafina Quota. The membership fee is already included in your rental.


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