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Made in: Puglia
Nonna Tetti

Restaurants Nonna Tetti

Traditional trattoria in the old centre

Vico dei Bolognese,

Restaurants Vico dei Bolognese,

Concept store, cafe and bistrot: An intimate place perfect from the morning breakfast to the aperitif or a dinner. You can have a fine dining experience with Apulian products

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Le Zie

Restaurants Le Zie

This is a restaurant that I first found through the Slow Food app and which was later also recommended to me by the owners of Villa Zagara. Its a very nice little traditional restaurant where they serve true authentic Pugliese food.

La Cuccina Di Mamma Elvira.

Restaurants La Cuccina Di Mamma Elvira.

Personally my favorite restaurant in Lecce: Modern Salento food in a homely atmosphere and a good selection of wines.

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