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Culinary Highlights

The best places for an authentic Neapolitan pizza in Rome

Of course, Naples is the birthplace of pizza, an art that is even recognized by UNESCO. It is very different from the Roman version of Pizza. Neapolitan pizza is known for its thick crust and is much more fluffy and moist, wether the Roman pizza tradition favours a very thin crust. Luckily they also know how to make Neapolitan pizzas in Rome pretty well. These are our favorite places:

Seu Illuminati 

This is a very popular pizza spot among the Romans, it was even rewarded in 2019 as the best place to eat pizza in Rome (and the eighth best of all in Italy) They offer far more than the classic Margeritha on their menu. Like, for example, a ‘fior di cotto’ pizza (squash blossoms, cream, and stracciatella). This pizzeria is located near Porta Portese in Trastevere.


La gatta mangiona 

A little less hip than the previous one, but it has long been lauded as the best in the city and it is definitely worth the trip across town to try! They have a huge variety of pizzas and an extensive drink list. 

Sant’Isidoro Pizza e Bolle

We love their concept: as they serve pizza with bubbles. I mean what is not to love about that? The wine they serve is mostly natural, and they have a huge variety of different bubbles. It is located in the fancy and quiet neighborhood of Prati. 


Also, a well-known spot, as it is located very central, just near the Spanish steps and Via del Corso. They serve amazing authentic Neapolitan pizza. They don't take reservations so show up early during peak hours.


They have solid classics and more creative pizzas. But one thing is clear here: there's absolutely no need to pick a favorite, as everything they serve here is good! Their most famous creation is their  'Cacio e Pepe; pizza though. The pizzas can be combined with (mostly Italian) draught beer. 

Shari Wijnhoud