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The magical houses of Serafina

In the wonderfully authentic Borgata Casale, a small hamlet between Dogliani and Belvedere Langhe, this adventure started almost 30 years ago. Yvonne started renovating the old estates and houses in the area. There are now 3 beautifully renovated houses with impeccable interior design as well as a cultural association, workshops & lots of inspiration! Staying here comes with a dose of inspiration and creativity. As a guest here, you are automatically a member of the association and thus contribute to the success of the project and get to take advantage of the workshops on offer. The find out more, have a look at the article Serafina Quota.

Plinius No. 023

The house Plinius No. 023 lies in the midst of vineyards, woods, and meadows. A lovingly renovated agricultural estate with all the modern comfort and conveniences. However, the structure has been left in its original state. The way this house back in the day was built, commands respect for the planners and builders of that era. Functional and beautiful, life is truly wonderful here. 

When I think about Piedmont, I think about great wines! So what could be better than spending your holiday in the midst of the Piedmontese vineyards? This lovely renovated agricultural estate has all one could wish for! You've got nature on your doorstep, but within a 5-10 minute walk, you can drink an Italian cup of coffee in the village. Yvonne, who is the mastermind behind this house, firmly believes that good design - right after good music - can save the world. We could not agree more with her.  And like all the other houses Yvonne designed, this house again is stunning! Have a look here  -   10 Guest | 6 BR | 4 BR | Pool

Plinius No. 033 The Goat House

This beautiful country cottage lay empty for many years, with the exception of the neighbor’s goat who made it her family home for a while  – hence the name ‘Goat House’. The goats eventually moved out and now live happily behind the neighbor’s house. The place has been fixed up, in a way that as little as possible has been changed during the careful renovations. Only natural materials and the restored cottage blend in beautifully with the surroundings. It’s the perfect place to enjoy days in the countryside, and nearby, the gently rolling hills of Alta Langa make the ideal starting point for mountain bike and hiking tours. And as if it couldn’t get any better, there’s also a small swimming pool for you to relax in when you get back from your adventures! Have a look here  - 6 Guests | 2 Br | 1 BA | Pool

Plinius No. 030

On the edge of the old town of Dogliani stands this imposing and impressive stone house. The house is very peaceful, with beautiful views of the hills of the Langhe and a guest bedroom located directly above the historic city gates, making you really feel like you’re part of the town’s rich past. The car can have a break here too, as the quality selection of restaurants, bars, and shops is only a short walk through the narrow streets.

The starting points of the hiking trails into the nearby vineyards are right next to the house, which makes it easy for you to step out the door and begin your adventure. The trails lead past wineries and local artisans giving you a chance to sample the lovingly-crafted local produce.

The renovation has been done with a lot of care and support from local craftsmen, who renovated the beautiful house in 2017. The floors and roof have been redone; the old beams can now be found in the house as reclaimed furnishings.

If there isn’t enough space for everyone in this house, there are two more small stone houses nearby, meaning you can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. 

Have a look here. 10 Guests | 5 BR | 5 BA | Pool

Plinius No. 059

A historic, small stone building in the middle of the vineyard, used by the winemakers to store their tools. Behind these thick walls, they would take their daily naps to escape the hot afternoon sun. Of course, these buildings were always located in the best part of the vineyard.  Such a shame that most of these buildings do not exist anymore. Today the vineyard work is carried out by machines and the days of napping behind the cool walls of a tiny little vinyard home are long gone. Just about everywhere, but certainly not where we are.

Yvonne has left this building exactly in the same state as when she bought it from a nice elder gentleman from Roddino. There's a very small bedroom, only the large eat-in kitchen has been added to the building.

Have a look here: 2 Guests | 1 BR | 1 BA | Terrace 

Spreading the joy

After visiting these beautiful places and the Serafina Quota workshops, we were inspired… but we had to figure out how to channel this creativity. Listing Yvonne's properties on the Plinius website is not fully doing it justice. We had to do more to really get across what a truly magical and inspirational place this is. We have therefore decided to dedicate a weekly post & online article to all the different initiatives there have been in order to inspire others. Stay tuned! 


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