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Best Places in Spello ~ Umbria

The ancient hill town of Spello is firmly off the tourist trail, instead, it bustles with locals. Tucked away down a cobbled street is a 14th-century villa owned by Andrea Falkner. She converted part of an old church into an oasis of luxury, beauty, and style. Initially, Andrea and her husband lived here themselves for many years, until they renovated an old silk-worm factory in Spello where they now live. However, they couldn't quite let go of this unique property. It was a place that should be enjoyed by many, and this is how this hospitality adventure started with Buonanotte Barbanera. It now consists of a total of 5 different properties, all in Spello. The great thing is that you can rent one, some, or all of the properties. This means you can go on holiday with your friends or family (2-20 people) and you will all be neighbors. Together and yet some privacy!

Like a Local

It's such a unique experience to “live” in this historic village and feel like a local. In the morning pop down to the bakery a few doors down, have a coffee standing at the bar, and feel like you are part of the community. At the same time, when you are "at home" you have a garden, pool, and unlimited view over the rolling hills of Umbria. I think this is the perfect combination of village & country living!

1. Plinius No. 016: 6 Guests | 3 BR | 3 BR | Swimming pool | Garden | Fresco in bedroom! 

2. Plinius No. 014: 6 Guests | 3 BR | 3 BR | Swimming pool | Garden

3. Plinius No. 015 : 3 Guest | 1 Baby | 2 BR | 1 BA | Garden 

4. Plinius No. 013: 2 Guests | 1 BR | 1 BA | Outdoor terrace 

5. Plinius No. 012: 2 Guest | 2 Kids | 1 BR | 1 BA | Outdoor terrace 

Online Travel Guide: Spello

Don't tell anyone, this is a little secret! Growing up in the limelight of its famous sibling, Spello is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Umbria and is officially classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Famous for its flower festival and good food. This guide will let you int the secrets you prefer no one to know!

Online Travel Guide: Umbria

The hidden secrets of Umbria! Medieval villages where stone buildings with heavy wooden doors lined the cobblestoned streets. Charming little trattorias beckon you in for fresh pasta and just-harvested olive oil and truffles. No, this isn’t Tuscany. This is Umbria. This enchanting region has miraculously remained under the radar.

Good interior design starts with a painting

The mastermind behind this project is Andrea Falkner. She grew up in Austria but settled in Italy after meeting her husband, publisher Feliciano Campi. Not only does Andrea come from the fashion world, and hotelier world, she is also a very accomplished interior designer.  Ancient and modern are perfectly combined in these inspiring homes. As a frequent traveler, Andrea has brought back from her travels all over the world an eclectic mix of unique objects, textiles, and furniture which give the houses character and the all-important sense of home. However, it all starts with a painting… before even starting to think about decorating, color schemes, and furniture, Andrea picks a painting first, and from there the whole design comes together. 

On the wall of the living room of il Cortile hangs a painting of a young woman in a teal gown ~ by artist Valeria Patrizi

On the wall of the living room of Casa Giordino hangs a painting of an Asian girl with a green accent colour ~ by Jean-Michel Aucler

On the wall of the living room of La Casetta hangs a painting of 'La Girafe' and 'Le Léopard' ~ by  Gitte Brandt


Barbanera is a famous Italian almanac, printed for the first time in 1762 and still published yearly today. Since the first edition, the Barbanera has been issued in the form of a wall calendar and paperback almanac. In addition to the calendar for that year, it traditionally proposes weather forecasts, information about lunar phases and the stars, curious facts, proverbs, gardening tips, and advice for a healthy lifestyle. All contents are inspired by the figure of a legendary astronomer and philosopher, depicted in different editions with a long black beard.

Because of its popularity, Barbanera is referred to by the most respected Italian dictionaries as a synonym for almanac. An essential, both secular and religious guide for generations of Italians, it has carried out the task of spreading knowledge in the fields of technology and agriculture throughout the centuries. 

"Barbanera Almanac is the flower of all time and the wisdom of nations"

Mila Groen