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A love letter to finding your inspiration

After visiting the Serafina Quota workshops, we were inspired.  Listing the magical houses of Serafina on the Plinius website is not fully doing it justice. We felt we had to do more to really get across what a truly magical and inspirational place this is and hopefully inspire others to get creative! We have therefore decided to dedicate a weekly article to the different initiatives and workshops in order to inspire others. The second article in this series: is “A love letter to finding your inspiration”. 

Florian 'Doc'. Kaps*

As if the magical houses of Serafina weren’t already beautiful and welcoming enough! For a long time we at SUPERSENSE thought about how we could support Yvonne in making her paradise a little bit more idyllic, but to be honest we were struggling to come up with anything.

After many sleepless nights (and many glasses of wine), it finally dawned on us that perhaps our task isn’t to try to make this place more magical, but to focus on capturing the magic itself; recording the warm, positive energy it radiates as faithfully as possible. To become part of this place.

Writing the love letters that have lain dormant in your soul for so long.

Carefully selected typewriters lined with fine writing paper from the Serafina workshop will soon be placed throughout Serafina, and they are our big, fat invitation to all of our visitors, friends, critics, and family members of Serafina to type their thoughts, visions, dreams, and fears into small wobbly characters here in the peace and quiet. It doesn’t matter if you are here for a longer period of time as an artist in residence or if you are just stopping by for a night; now is the perfect time to put all those words down on paper by writing the love letters that have lain dormant in your soul for so long, occasionally weighing on your mind.

Don’t be scared!
In the words of novelist Louis L’Amour

„Start writing, no matter what. The water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on.”

As a little inspiration…

*Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps   Florian is called “doc” and is somehow notorious for specializing in impossible projects. Perhaps because, as one such project, he saved and restarted the last Polaroid film factory in 2008 and since then has been unable to resist rethinking, dusting off, and celebrating, endangered analog technologies in his analog cabinet of curiosities called SUPERSENSE. Building new awareness and markets around the world, connecting with other crazy visionaries to do things that big companies can’t even imagine.

~ Words and photos by Florian ‘Doc. Kaps* | Instagram: @supersensen | Website: Supersense

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